pictures from a cruise – part four – Huatulco

pictures from a cruise – part four – Huatulco

Here are pictures from the next port of call on the cruise our photographer took.  This series will continue with additional installments over the next couple of weeks.

The good news for readers who enjoy pictorial essays is that our photographer likes being out on assignment.  We will try to send her out on assignment one more time before year’s end.  “Off-season” travel fares may make this possible.

A few photos from this destination, Huatulco, were featured in the first essay of this series and will not be repeated here.

A cloudy tropical sky.




A souvenir or gift shop.


Huatulco 3




Huatulco 4




Huatulco 2


Local textile workers.


Huatulco 6


Another image.


Huatulco 5


View along the water.


Huatulco 13


Coastal scene.


Huatulco 9


Interesting vehicle.  A hybrid?


Huatulco 12


Another scene.


Huatulco 11


Interesting view looking up from below.


Huatulco 10


A local church.


Huatulco 7


An interior view of the church.  Our Lady of Guadalupe to the right of the cross.


Huatulco 8


Best wishes to all.

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