pictures from a cruise – part five – on board ship activities


In this essay, we share some photos from time aboard the cruise ship.  Next essay, we will visit another stop on the lengthy cruise our blog’s photographer recently took.

Here is a picture of an outdoor cookout on the cruse ship next to an on board swimming pool.


outdoor cookout aboard ship


Here we see various small pools.


pool on ship


Various fruit “carvings”.


on the ship 4


Watermelon carving of an American Indian.


on the ship 2


Carving of a flower.


on the ship 3


Lucy, our photographer, holding a “penguin”.


on the ship


We turn now to an unexplained phenomena –  using bath towels to make images of animals.  Is this out of boredom on long cruises, of just for fun?

Here is a monkey.


towel monkey


This appears to be the head of a cow.


towel cow


A crab?


towel crab


A sea creature.


sea creature


Take a guess about this last example.  A small pet dog (drying off after being washed)?  A prairie dog?  Or, some other type of animal?




Best wishes to all.