pictures from a cruise – part six – Puerto Chiapas

pictures from a cruise – part six – Puerto Chiapas

This is our last stop in southern Mexico before sailing on to points further south.  Puerto Chiapas is almost in Central America on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Information provided by the cruise ship in this picture.


Puerto Chiapas


Another vessel near the docking area.  Camera issues for these next 2 pics.


Puerto Chiapas 2


Another view.


Puerto Chiapas 3


A better view of the coastal area.  Camera issues resolved!


Puerto Chiapas 4


A sign of welcome to visitors.


Puerto Chiapas 8


A plaque (in Spanish) on rock-work.


Puerto Chiapas 7


A water fountain.


Puerto Chiapas 6




Puerto Chiapas 10


More coconuts.


Puerto Chiapas 9


Star fruits.


Puerto Chiapas 11


Star fruits – another view.


Puerto Chiapas 12


This next view must be from a visitor center or other public building.  The southern portion of Mexico’s Pacific coast does, from time to time, get hit by severe tropical storms.  (Acapulco suffered serious damage and loss of life from a severe storm this past summer.)


Puerto Chiapas 18


Lots of trees in this tropical location.  The day was hot.


Puerto Chiapas 17


A tourist seeking shade near to the cruise ship.


Puerto Chiapas 16




Puerto Chiapas 14


Another view of various national flags.  America del Norte is well represented.


Puerto Chiapas 15


There are a few more installments for this photo series, including pictures from the Panama Canal.  Next, we sail to Centro America for a port of call.  If the mood takes us, we may interrupt the series temporarily for a thematic essay.  (Do not be surprised if we do.)

Thanks for reading/viewing.

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