pictures from a cruise – part seven – crocodiles

pictures from a cruise – part seven – crocodiles

Puerto Caldera was a stop in Costa Rica in Central America.

Some of the cruise passengers enjoyed a crocodile photo safari.

This first photograph is of a painting by a local artist.


Puerto Caldera


A local tour on horseback was available.


Puerto Caldera 27


There appear to be competing crocodile tours at the river’s edge.


Puerto Caldera 22


Here is a sign for another tour operator.


Puerto Caldera 24


Children posing for a picture.


Puerto Caldera 26


A view of the river.


Puerto Caldera 25


The safari boat underway.


Puerto Caldera 20


Lucy aboard the tour boat.


Puerto Caldera 19


The crocodile master or conjurer.


Puerto Caldera 17


Wading further into the water.


Puerto Caldera 16


Offering bait to lure one of the animals to the shore.


Puerto Caldera 14


Can you see the snout of the crocodile in the picture?


Puerto Caldera 13


Desiring an easy meal (or appetizer), the crocodile comes ashore.


Puerto Caldera 10


This is getting too close for comfort.


Puerto Caldera 12


Just about there.


Puerto Caldera 11


Must have snatched the food very quickly, as this is the next image captured.


Puerto Caldera 9


Back into the watery environment the reptile likes.


Puerto Caldera 8


Thanks for reading/viewing.

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