some thoughts worth writing down

some thoughts worth writing down


Before continuing with our ongoing series of photo essays, allow me to share these thoughts with you.

This blog is not and has not really been about me, its writer.  The essays are posted here in the hope that some readers may find these helpful or of benefit in their own lives.  People who may find something of value in the essays include those who subscribe to the blog, WordPress tag page readers, Internet search engine visitors, and pingback or link readers. Dear readers, if you think that a particular essay may be of benefit or interest to someone you know, please feel free to forward a link (to the essay) to that person.

The last essay may have seemed a little depressing as regards the constraints of the human condition.  Perhaps taking my own advice at least some of the time could help here. A broader perspective is relevant here.  Yes, the constraints of the human condition frequently irritate or frustrate me.  (30 years ago, as a young man, a friend said to me that I expected too much – from life, from others, from myself.  My expectations were unrealistic (too idealistic), but not wholly surprising given my youth and, at that time, limited experience in the adult world.)  But, I am not this body.  And, you are not that body. We are spirit souls, who will one day slough off the prison house of the flesh and leave this troubled world.  (This body may be suffering, but this soul is untouched by the body’s pain.)  So, enough of depressed thoughts that drain us of energy that is better spent in making constructive progress in the struggle of living.  (Social critique, that may seem depressing, will continue from time to time.)

Prayer is powerful and effective.  Never underestimate the power of prayer.  Its effectiveness may be a long time in visibly manifesting, but persistence in prayer can and does produce positive results.  Many prayers for healing for others (that I know or know of) have been answered over time, not right away, but in time.  The prayers of other people may have made the difference for me in 1994 when I suffered through a clinical depression for some time.

Not being a saint, I must admit that I have hurt people – and been hurt by people – over the years.  I played the competitive game of life pretty intensely, especially when I was younger.  What I am trying to do now is to help at least a few people along the way in the remaining years.  Hopefully, my life will have been a net positive when it is time for me to check out of this world.

Let us appreciate each day, and try to help each other.

We will post some more photo essays very soon.

We leave you with some lyrics from Donna Summer’s song, This Time I Know It’s For Real  from 1989.  Her talent and beautiful songs live on even though she has passed on.

What would I have to do to get you to notice me too?
Do I stand in line, one of a million admiring eyes
Walk a tightrope way up high
Write your name across the sky?

I’m going crazy just to let you know
You’d be amazed how much I love you so baby
When I get my hands on you I won’t let go
This time I know it’s for real

Should I write or call your home
Shout it out with a megaphone, radio, TV news
Got to find a way to get the message to you
To say I love you with a neon sign, anything to make you mine

Thanks for reading.

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