pictures from a cruise – part nine – Puerto Caldera

pictures from a cruise – part nine – Puerto Caldera

We continue our picture essay series with the stop in Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica.

Sky, clouds and trees.


Puerto Caldera 21


Luxuriant tropical trees and plant growth in this view.


Puerto Caldera 6


Another scene.


Puerto Caldera 5


Information provided by the cruise ship in this picture.


Puerto Caldera 40


Puerto Caldera is a port (as the place name in Spanish indicates).


Puerto Caldera 39


The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.


Puerto Caldera 38


A view of the calm sea.


Puerto Caldera 36


Cargo containers.


Puerto Caldera 34


Interesting looking containers or vehicles.


Puerto Caldera 37


Being part of Meso America, Costa Rica has a long cultural history.


Puerto Caldera 4


A painting in one of the tourist centers.


Puerto Caldera 3


Bright blue paint is popular with some local residents.


Puerto Caldera 33


More native plants.


Puerto Caldera 29


Another scene.


Puerto Caldera 31


Let’s finish with 2 views of bananas, a local crop.


Puerto Caldera 32


Another sample.


Puerto Caldera 30


Thanks for reading/viewing.

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