pictures from a cruise – part eleven – Cartagena

pictures from a cruise – part eleven – Cartagena

Our photographer is again on assignment.  This time sailing from New York to the Bahamas.

Thematic essays are in the draft stage.  These essays are likely to be considered “controversial”.  But, we will clear out the remaining photo essays in this series first.

We continue our picture essay series with the stop in Cartagena in Colombia.  I think this location is pronounced as “car-ta-hey-na”.  (“Hey” with long “A” sound.)  

As we have nearly 40 images to share, we will cover this port of call in 2 installments.  In this, the first installment, we will share some pics of the harbor and local bird life and some views of the coast.  Between these 2 installments, there is a good variety of local images.

This was our photographer’s favorite stop on her cruise and her first time visiting South America.

Beautiful tropical plant growth.  Rich colors.


tropical plants


The ship’s itinerary.


ship itinerary


The cruise ship docked.


cruise ship in port


This may be a vessel of the Colombian Coast Guard.


local ship


An old style sailing vessel in the harbor.


old style ship 2


A closer view.


old style ship


Here are several pics of local bird life.


tropical bird


Colorful beak on this bird and lush trees and plants in the background.


greenery and bird


A close up view of a bird napping.


real bird


Another view of the same species.


green bird


Colorful birds on the pavement.


colorful birds


A crane or flamingo type bird.




A grouping of such birds.


birds 2


Birds at rest in the grass.




Informational sign for visitors.  (Have to have Wi-Fi access.)




A walk in the park on a cloudy day.


a walk in the park


Old stone wall and walkway.


cloudy day


A scene near the coast.


coast view


Another view.  Very cloudy day.


coast view 2


Thanks for reading/viewing.

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