pictures from a cruise – part twelve – Cartagena

pictures from a cruise – part twelve – Cartagena

In this second installment on Cartagena, we share a variety of pictures that include some local architecture, street scenes and views of cargo at the port.  Enjoy.

Here is an example of art in metal.


Cartagena game


Bank of the Republic.




An impressive edifice.


building and sky 2


Colorful building under a cloudy sky.


building and sky


The front facade of a church.




Narrow street.


alley way


Doorway with nearby colorful flowers.




More local art.


local art


Appears to be a priest with a native.




Street scene.


street scene


Old stone building and walls.




Pretty much the same view without the nearby tourists.


walled building


Some other old stone works.


old stone building


Random picture of a large plant or tree.




Back to the port with cargo containers.




Stacked cargo containers with what appear to be very large tires in the foreground (perhaps for very large mining trucks).


commerce via containers


The skyline of Cartagena is visible in the distance.


more containers


A tugboat in the harbor.


harbor tug boat


A lot in this next picture.  Clouds, distant tall buildings, stacked cargo containers, the water of the harbor, our photographer, and a bus seen through the bars of the metal handrail.


lucy and cargo ship


Not  sure on this next image.  Does it indicate pedestrians?


no meaning


Thanks for reading/viewing.

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