a needless source of conflict revisited

a needless source of conflict revisited


We have added a very lengthy addendum to our earlier essay (from November, 2012) “a needless source of conflict in a loving marriage“.  In this addendum, there are many honest, insightful, and helpful comments from married women.  We offer the link to this now expanded essay (below) for those who may be interested in reading and thinking about its contents.

This is sure to be controversial and is not an essay for all readers.

The original essay and its new addendum are really for young wives and open minded middle aged wives who are seeking greater sexual intimacy with their husbands.  We wish for wives and husbands to achieve sexual fulfillment and joy within their loving marriages.  We believe that oral sex has a place in the couple’s lovemaking within a Christian marriage.  Why should Christian married couples not enjoy the depths of sexual intimacy?  And, attitudes are rapidly changing in Christian circles regarding this form of expression of the sexual love between the spouses.  As well, stronger, more loving marriages not only benefit the spouses and their children, but also benefit society as a whole.


As noted above, we include many reader comments from various marriage and sex discussion forums, blogs, etc. that are part of the public domain.  We share these comments from experienced wives because these can be of help to other wives.  (Husbands can forward the link (to the essay) to their wives if that is appropriate in their situation.)  Much time, thought and reflection, and searching for relevant and helpful comments went into this addendum; and it is offered to interested readers in the sincere hope that it may help some married couples to achieve greater sexual intimacy within their marriage. Scroll down through the original essay to get to the very lengthy addendum. Due to its length (many thousands of words) and subject matter, it is better to read it on a full screen personal computer or tablet at home.

The main purpose of this linked essay is to give the wife confidence and helpful information & advice so she can enjoy performing oral sex for her husband (and there is no reason that she should not enjoy giving oral sex!!). It is very long, but we highly recommend itespecially for the young or middle aged wife who has not done this before or who has little experience giving oral sex and likely has concerns about doing this.  Feel free to forward the link to the below essay (or even to this introductory essay) on to any woman (close friend or relative) that you know is struggling with giving oral sex to her husband.  It may be just the help and encouragement she needs in this area.

This is the one essay to read on performing and enjoying fellatio – it is all here.  Fears, mental blocks and how to overcome these, health/safety concerns, tips on making your loving fellatio more enjoyable for yourself and for your husband, expanding your personal sexual comfort zone and gaining sexual confidence, why this act means so much to your husband, the shared emotional intimacy of oral love (it is more than just physical), the experiences of other wives (including the connection they feel with their husband while doing this), the dominance versus submissive perspective (with comments and opinions from both wives & husbands), fellatio empowering the wife, the very arousing visual aspect for your husband, comments & tips on more comfortably managing your gag reflex, receiving/accepting his climax (ejaculation) with ease and confidence (even comfortably accepting lengthy ejaculations and/or large volumes of semen), wives’ common concerns about the semen (as to the taste and practical, healthy, natural tips for improving it, swallowing: is swallowing safe?, is it necessary?, why swallow?, can/do women enjoy swallowing semen?, easily working up to swallowing over several oral love sessions, any aversion to semen is mental and can be easily overcome, the health benefits of semen for the wife), your choice of being more adventurous & spontaneous at the finish (playful options other than spitting or swallowing: bringing your breasts into play, watching his ejaculation up close (a visual for the wife), tips on “facials”, massaging the semen into your skin), etc. are included or at least touched on.  One of our most read essays.  🙂

Adults only – explicit sexual content.  Reader discretion is advised.


Also of interest, is this much shorter essay that has links to other helpful essays and several comments from women.



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