Islam, the Left, atheism, and human freedom

Islam, the Left, atheism, and human freedom

Greetings to readers in many different time zones.  Now, we return to thematic essays for a while.  Such essays are not intended for entertainment value, but rather to serve as food for thought on various topics.

Adherents of Islam, and ardent Leftists have some thing in common.  For both, everyone must be like them.  Islamists and Leftist revolutionaries use violence to try to make everyone be like them, believe the same things, and act the same way.  Theirs is a world without any human diversity of action, or thought.  What happened to those labelled as “counter-revolutionaries” in the Soviet Union, Communist China, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia?! Muslims are authorized by their “religion” to murder, rape, beat, steal from, etc. the “infidels” who refuse conversion.  Sadly, the historical record shows that Muslims have been inflicting harm on non-Muslims throughout the past 14 centuries since the time of Mohammed.

Wherever Islam carries the day, “converts” or takes over a country, there is a decrease in human freedom.  Non-Muslims are at the mercy of the whims of the current ruler(s). Wherever communism or socialism has taken control of the government of a country, there has been a decrease in human freedom and an increase in human suffering.  Can you prove me wrong on this – with facts?  I think not.  Just look at the historical record.  Both ideologies (Islam and Marxism) are ultimately about power and control over individuals.

Muslims insist that everyone must be Muslim or they would be better off dead. Yet, Muslims do not get along well among themselves.  Violence begets violence.  Today, Muslims are killing other Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and in Egypt.  It is not just the Coptic Christians who are being persecuted and killed today in Egypt.  Those Muslims who are not sufficiently zealous (read: rabidly violent) are now being targeted for violence.  As well, Islam has not proven effective in overcoming the ancient tribal animosities in these backward lands.

Thus, we in the West must be careful and on our guard.  The threats to our freedoms from Islam and the Left are serious, and not to be ignored nor trivialized!  Our nations are now infiltrated by Leftists (many currently occupy high posts in government) and Muslim immigrants and converts.  A “live and let live” approach does not apply here.  If you find a venomous snake in your home or yard, you act quickly to eliminate it and remove the threat one way or the other.  You do not simply choose to ignore it.

We, in the now largely post-Christian West, have something else to consider:  the growing and spreading moral nihilism of atheism in our midst.  (Some choose to use the terms “moral relativism”.  We use moral nihilism as atheism tends to reject all morality as atheists often see no solid basis for any morality.)  Many, who self identify as atheists, are using their atheism as a rationalization or justification for the hedonistic and licentious life they choose to live.  We see this not only in the lives of widely known public figures, but also in private individuals that we know personally and among others we know of.

(As an aside, we think that it is a much bigger “leap of faith” to not believe in the existence of God than it is to believe in God.  For those who will simply open their eyes, one can see hints dropped along the way over the years that God does exist.  A little more humility and maturity (and less egoism) is what is needed for atheists.)

We have already written in a much earlier essay (July, 2012) about people losing their morale to fight for what is right when so many have lost their moral compass in their lives. Moral nihilism, and the self-absorbed lives it encourages, is sapping our collective will to combat the threats to our freedoms (from the Left, and from Islam).

Let us not forget that it was the officially atheistic states – Stalin’s Soviet Union, and Mao’s China – that callously murdered tens of millions of their citizens, and deprived all their citizens of basic human rights.  That is totalitarianism.  The individual exists solely to serve the State, a false god.

Collectively, we all suffer from serious societal ills when too many people are acting irresponsibly as individuals.  In the aggregate, society is harmed when a significant portion of its population is living very self-absorbed lives.

Today, in the West, many people lack a correct understanding of true freedom.  True freedom is not mere licentiousness.  It is not loudly claiming “rights” to do anything that one wants to do.

True freedom involves and requires taking personal responsibility for one’s actions.

Atheists: When you do not have a God-given moral code, what do you have?  As many moral codes as there are individuals.  Given humanity’s flawed or fallen condition, these individual moral codes are going to be self-centered and egoistic.  Rationalizations for self-absorbed, selfish behavior, and for failed lives.

What many people do not realize, perhaps because they have never thought about it, is that an authentic moral code calls us to freedom, true freedom (not licentiousness).  The commandments call us humans to freedom from our very real self-destructive tendencies!

As to human rights, we say that true human rights come to us from God, and not from governments.  The framers of the US Constitution understood this.  Governments can only affirm, defend and protect our God-given natural rights, or governments can trample upon those rights.  But, make no mistake, governments cannot create nor destroy our true human rights.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more “controversial” essays to come.


  1. The Left has seemingly lost all contact with reality! It is IMPOSSIBLE to reason with Leftists anymore! I can show them dozens or even hundreds of articles clearly showing that their agenda is only going to impoverish and degrade EVERYONE, themselves included, while leaving the rich and powerful (who I always thought the Left opposed) totally unscathed. All these facts and proofs appear to be going in one ear and out the other, with Leftists! It is just very bizarre. All they can seem to call people who don’t think like they do is names like “racists”, “bigots”, “homophobes”, “Islamophobes, “anti-Semites”, or just general “xenophobes”! No matter how many articles I show “liberals” (not really an appropriate term for them) depicting out-of-control violence of blacks against whites in America, or Muslim immigrants against Europeans, your typical liberal acts like YOU are the one to blame for even pointing these things out! The average Leftist just seems to despise white people, and figures white people have everything coming to them. They will have this attitude even if they themselves are white! Totally bizarre!

  2. Thanks Stephen for your comment. Yes, we are living through strange times. The truth on many issues has been subverted. But let us keep fighting for truth and for true freedom.

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