Obama – the enormity of his crimes – part one

Obama – the enormity of his crimes – part one

As a matter of conscience, we must address this topic.

I have been carrying around this essay in my head for many weeks now.  It is time to face it and get it off my chest so to speak.

Barack Obama has been president of the US for nearly 5 years now.  Yes, George W. Bush’s presidency left us with serious problems, but Mr. Obama must be held accountable for his policies and actions of these past 5 years.

We had thought of writing this essay in the form of a mock trial with President Obama on trial for his crimes against the American people.  Upon further reflection, we decided against this trial format as it may have disturbed some readers who are still supportive of this man and his policies.  And, we should add that the significant long-tern damage Obama is doing to the US is also an indictment of the American people, who continue to support the 2 very corrupt political parties in election after election after election.

“Hope and change.”  High sounding words from the presidential campaign of 2008.

We will now provide a brief litany of some of this man’s crimes – that he ordered, cooperated with, or allowed to go on – that we will not be addressing, at least not at length.  If we were to expand the scope of this essay and deal with these at length, it would just become even more damning of President Barack Obama, and unduly tedious for you to read.

Scandals and errors we won’t be addressing:

Negligence as to the attack on Americans (4 killed) in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

The “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme to Mexico by Obama’s Justice Department. At least one US Border Patrol agent has been killed with some of these guns, and unknown numbers of Mexican citizens have been harmed by these guns.

The IRS denying non-profit political advocacy organizations (various “Tea Party” and conservative groups) that oppose Obama’s policies tax exempt status several months prior to the 2012 election (effectively incapacitating these groups).  As well, these targeted groups were required to make extensive and burdensome disclosures not required of other political groups.  The White House has been implicated in directing, if not actually ordering, this IRS behavior.

Greatly expanded NSA (National Security Agency) surveillance of US citizens, and even of foreign government officials and foreign nationals in other countries far beyond any plausible justification or legitimate national security intelligence needs.

The militarization of the nation’s local law enforcement agencies.  Begun under President George W. Bush as early as 2002/2003, this militarization (funded with federal dollars) has increased significantly under President Obama and is far beyond any legitimate counter-terrorism capabilities.  Care to guess what these militarized local police departments can/might do in the future?

Obama has issued executive orders since December, 2012 (elementary school shooting in Connecticut), to curtail Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights to own guns.  He has done this independent of Congress.  Even with a sycophant Congress to agree, these executive orders are un-constitutional.

ObamaCare, which President Obama signed into law in early 2010, is turning out to be both a big money grab and a power grab by the government.  Ask the millions of Americans who are already paying higher premiums for their health insurance (with higher deductibles) and those who have recently lost their insurance if they think this is criminal. When the employer mandate, which has been postponed until late next year, kicks in, these numbers will skyrocket.  Though judged to be constitutional in late June, 2012, with its individual mandate the law clearly is in violation of the US Constitution (the de jure governing document of the nation).  Four ideological radicals (Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan) joined with Chief Justice John Roberts to judge the law constitutional.  Roberts, in his convoluted opinion in the case, basically rewrote the law (the job of the legislative branch of government, not the judicial branch) in order to assert the law was not in violation of the Constitution.  Some have asserted or claimed that Roberts was blackmailed, and/or not on his medication(s) during this time.  Personally, I think it is possible that he just wanted to make a name for himself in US judicial history.  Thus, he may be suffering from an acute egomania.  (He is now infamous, that is for sure.)

(We, in the US, are such slaves to judicial precedent that we already suffer under a de facto judicial tyranny.  These black-robed jurists (really just glorified barristers or lawyers), these activist judges are not infallible!  Yet, when they engage in social engineering, when they rubber stamp federal government power grabs, their decisions are unassailable.)

Mr. Obama backed and enabled the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to take power.  Let us not forget that Obama speaks of “transforming” the US, and he likes radical change.  In early 2011, he very quickly (after a few days of protests in Cairo) called for Mubarak to leave office paving the way for the radicals to gain power in the subsequent national election.  After the Muslim Brotherhood’s ouster in early July, 2013 (by the Egyptian military that clearly recognized how dangerous to Egyptian society these radicals are), Obama quickly began to call for attacking the government of Syria.  His aim was to weaken Assad and pave the way for the Muslim radical rebels to eventually seize power.  If radical change was interrupted, delayed, or thwarted in Egypt, Obama would pursue such change elsewhere.  Some of these rebel groups in Syria have committed the most abominable atrocities in the civil war there.  Yet, this man, Obama, finds common cause with anyone who desires radical change around the globe.  The ends justifies the means – classic Marxist-Leninism.  (We note in passing that after Mohamed Morsi’s ouster the radicals went on a killing spree of the Coptic Christians throughout Egypt.  Proving, yet again, how violent and dangerous they truly are.)

Increased use of lethal “drone” strikes overseas that are killing many civilians in various countries, the so-called “collateral” damage.  Approved regularly by Obama.

(Ironic, isn’t it, that they gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize?  They also gave Al Gore, a charlatan, the Peace Prize.  Neither Obama nor Gore has done anything substantive to promote peace anywhere in the world.  What is wrong with this committee that awards these prizes?!  It appears to be another case of political correctness trumping the truth.)

Mr. Obama has helped to exacerbate racial tensions and animosity within the US by some of his public remarks since being in office.  He ought not have commented on the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.  But, as we shall see more later, in part two of this essay, he uses a divide and conquer strategy to advance his agenda.  (We have already written (in June, 2012) of the fact that Mr. Obama has not done anything positive or substantive for black Americans in his time as President.)

And, no doubt there are other crimes and scandals that we not know about yet, and perhaps some we will never learn of.  The main stream news media acts to protect this man as many in the media share his vision for the US.

But all that we set aside, as we address the biggest crimes of this man and his political allies (that help enable him to act as he does), in part two of this essay.  We also touch on possible answers to the question: Why does Obama consciously, purposely do these harmful, destructive things?

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