some reflections on Thanksgiving

some reflections on Thanksgiving

Folks in the US will celebrate the national holiday of Thanksgiving on Thursday next. Family dinners with much food and drink are the norm for this autumn holiday.

Let us reflect on giving thanks for a few moments.

We can count our blessings and be thankful to be alive.  One hears of tragic loss of life nearly every day.  Thus, we can strive to cherish each day that we have.

We can be thankful for our loved ones in our lives, without whom our lives would be empty.

We can be thankful for our health and/or for healing we have experienced.

Perhaps, upon deeper reflection, we might even consider a feeling of gratitude for those painful experiences (emotional, mental, spiritual) that have helped to form our character, have forced us to grow, have helped to make us better persons.  It does seem with us humans that our character is forged in the crucible of trial and suffering in this world.

Sometimes, you only realize or recognize the true value of something by its lack, or by its loss.  Try not to be reactive, but rather strive to be proactive.  Value your loved ones now, today.  Do not take the future for granted as there are no guarantees as to the future.

As I wrote in an essay around the time of last Thanksgiving, if you can, take a few moments to visit the homebound (the old, the infirm, the handicapped) in your neighborhood.  For those lonely persons who live far away, a simple phone call of several minutes can make a big difference in their lives.  Sometimes, it is the small things, that do not require much effort nor sacrifice, that can make such a big difference in another person’s life!  As well, if you know of someone in the hospitable over the holidays, consider taking an hour out of your holiday to visit them in person.  I recall the Christmas season when in the 7th grade.  The entire class of about 40 of us went to an old folks’ home (convalescent hospital) and sang carols to the old men and women.  We saw many, many heart warming smiles that day that I can remember now after more than 40 years have passed. 

Not only is helping others the right thing to do, but those who are kind cannot keep the positive energies away.  This is not a fairy tale.  When you cultivate love in your heart and show it to others through kind, generous acts, good things will come into your life.  Not immediately.  And, possibly in some rather unexpected ways.  But, come these will in due time.

Personally, I really do believe that our lives will be evaluated on how much we loved, on how much we tried to love others.  Loving, giving, kind actions can help to remove the stain on one’s soul from past failings, past transgressions.

This Thanksgiving, let us give thanks to God for all His gifts and blessings.  Let us thank each other for being part of each other’s lives.

We wish all our readers a happy week.  And, for those readers in the US, we wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

We will see you in December as we continue with our thematic essays and share some new photo essays.

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