Obama – the enormity of his crimes – part two

Obama – the enormity of his crimes – part two

Before turning to Obama’s greatest crime, let us ask: what can we expect from President Obama in the future?

Amnesty for illegal immigrants currently within the US.  This is also euphemistically called “comprehensive immigration reform”.  The US economy cannot currently provide jobs for many millions of US citizens.  Amnesty for illegal immigrants will not help this situation, as (once illegal) newly legal residents will bring family members and relatives into the country which will put more pressure on the labor market.  Obama is already achieving this piece meal by his executive orders.  He exhorts Congress frequently to pass amnesty, and not delay.  (The official government figure of 11 million illegals appears to be absurdly low.)

Greater bureaucratic abuse of power.  Federal government departments, such as the EPA and the NLRB will be more aggressive in pursuing their agendas.  Expect more burdensome regulations that will make it even harder for businesses to grow and create jobs.  Obama has appointed like minded individuals to head these departments, and they desire radical change to our economy and nation.  Obama has appointed many so-called “czars” and hardly anyone knows just what they are doing.  But, these czars and the heads of the various executive branch departments are engaging in economic control and social engineering.  Can any individual or small business owner keep up with the onerous regulations that are issued by the federal government by the week, if not the day?

Possible seizure of financial assets of individuals.  This issue keeps coming up in congressional discussions.  If you have an IRA, a 401K or 403-b plan with your employer, or if you are self-employed and have a Keough plan and/or SEP IRA or similar retirement vehicle, you are at risk of losing all or part of it to federal government seizure in coming years.  This is no exaggeration.  The Leftists that control the Senate and President Obama do not respect property rights.  In return, you will be given an empty promise of a larger Social Security check each month.  But, as we all know, that system is on borrowed time now and cannot pay its current obligations for many more years.  (A person has a right to the fruits of his/her labors.  Property rights are a major component and basis of our personal freedoms.)

As well, expect continuing use of executive orders by Obama as he pursues his agenda (to fundamentally transform the nation) by going around Congress and the legislative process to achieve his goals.  This man has contempt for the constitutional limits on his power as chief executive (president).

Now, let us turn to Obama’s greatest crime – that of his purposeful, intentional destruction of the US economy.  The consequence of that is a poorer nation for the vast majority of its citizens.  Obama has made war on the middle class.  In true Leftist (really communist) fashion, he desires there to be no middle class.  Outside of a small ruling elite and a few large corporate allies, most of the 300 million of us will be economic serfs.  Consider his actions in the five years he has been in office.  These actions and policies are shrinking the middle class.

Some readers may object here and say that Obama inherited an economy that was in serious trouble and in very bad shape.  That is true.  And, we do not give Bush and Greenspan and others a free pass here.  However, Obama has been in office nearly 5 years now, and this is his economy.  The fact that the economy is stagnant as to job creation is his responsibility.

We recognize the shortcomings of our economic system.  We have said in prior essays that the free market is not perfect.  Excessive competition can lead to an “us versus them” mindset, and a lack of a sense of community, which can impair social cohesion in a diverse, pluralistic society.  Also troubling is the concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands as corporate mergers create ever larger enterprises and present the threat of monopoly in various industries, and the loss of truly free markets.

That said, our free market capitalistic system is preferable to the main alternative put forward in the 20th century, namely state control of the economy (various socialist or communist schemes).  Tearing down our economic system to give us a command economy administered by government bureaucrats is not the answer to our economic challenges. (As well, because of people’s predilection for binary thinking, there does not seem to be a viable third option here.)

What we need in the US is to pursue policies that foster and encourage domestic economic growth.  Such economic growth provides economic opportunity both in the form of good jobs for job seekers and a healthy growing economy in which environment it is easier for the entrepreneur to start a successful small business.  Let us grow the middle class, not make war on it as Obama is doing.  Economic growth and opportunity allow people to lift themselves out of poverty and to achieve self-reliance with dignity through their own efforts.

We have now had the longest duration of high unemployment in the US since the 1930s (during FDR’s failed tenure as president.)  As many millions of individuals who want to work have given up looking from despair and are thus no longer counted, the true figure for our unemployment rate is much higher than the official figure of 7.3 or 7.4 per cent.

What does this mean to our economy?  The lost productivity of all those millions of individuals, many of whom have been out of work for 2 or more years, is lost forever.

This fact is lost on President Obama.  He has never held a responsible position in the private sector of the economy.  He, along with his friends and political allies, has contempt for the private sector.  Yet, wealth is not created in, nor by, the public or government sector of the economy.

Obama’s policies of greatly increased federal government spending, higher taxes and ever increasing regulations on businesses have all contributed to much lower economic growth than is normal for the US economy.  That is why unemployment has remained stubbornly high.  We saw this before in the 1930s with the same failed results.  (Oddly, Obama’s policies are not hurting the wealthy as much as one might think.  He regularly attacks “the rich” in his cynical orations.  Yet, these policies are squeezing millions out of the middle class and into poverty and despair.)

Obama, the most profligate deficit spender in US history in both absolute and relative terms, now in 2013 has actually managed to shrink his annual budget shortfall.  He has done this through the bizarre federal spending sequester with its minimal cuts in spending, and by tax increases the feckless Republican controlled House of Representatives agreed to late in 2012.  But, the sad fact remains that another several hundred billion dollars of federal debt has been incurred in the present year.  As well, increases in taxes reduce investment and consumer spending – both needed badly in an already weak economy.  We have already noted that Obama unleashing federal bureaucrats to issue regulations (that have the force of law) at their whim hurts businesses across the country.

To recap: the massive increase in the national debt of the US combined with the increasing and aggressive government erosion of our rights in these past 5 years; the non-recovery of the economy burdened as it is with Obama Care, onerous regulations, and continuing threats of higher taxes; and the other crimes of Obama listed in part one of this essay and the imminent crimes listed at the start of this part two – all these have done enormous long-term damage to the country, and will adversely impact generations of Americans yet unborn.

Part 3, of this three part essay, will address the man who is Obama and the false promises of the Left.  As we shall see, President Obama is a divider and not a unifier.  We will also see that the damage he is doing to the country will not likely be easily reversed – if it can be reversed at all!  We will offer some possible reasons for why he does what he does.  Lastly, we will issue our conclusion as to what we consider Mr. Obama to be.


  1. Obama is easily the worst President I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. I’m not saying this as a partisan Republican either, because prior to Obama, I reserved that judgement for our last President George W. Bush Jr. I honestly didn’t think anyone could outdo Bush, but along comes Obama and I find myself missing Boy George.

    But I feel that Obama is bad only because he is not taking responsibility for others in his administration basically getting away with murder. And Congress is only slightly more respectable, than Obama himself. Our whole constitutional system of government is completely kaput. There are no more checks and balances at all. We’ve got an illegal alien sitting in the Oval Office now, as the Republicans refuse to investigate him for his birth certificate and qualifications to be President. This is a very serious matter, as all the legislation Obama has signed into law would be rendered null and void if he proved to be not qualified. Every single day that Congress has spent for the past 5 years would be a gigantic waste of time. But Congress seems completely unconcerned, so in my view they share equal responsibility with Obama for the mess this country is in.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. We do seem to be living through a period in American history that some refer to as “post- Constitutional”. The checks and balances have broken down. As I have noted in a few prior essays, both major political parties are corrupt. Yet, the American people, at least a majority of them who vote, put up with this state of affairs. Both parties need to go. But, that won’t likely happen.

      President Obama is doing very serious damage to our country. Long-term damage. And, for that reason, he is the worst president in our lifetimes and perhaps in all of American history. Others have done damage but not of the scale of Obama’s damage. You are exactly correct in pointing out that many in Congress share responsibility for many of Obama’s actions (laws he has signed that they had passed). But, Obama has also circumvented Congress when it has been expedient for him to do so with his increasing use of executive orders.

      We will share more of our thoughts in the final installment of this essay (in part three).

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