aspartame – a major threat to your health

aspartame – a major threat to your health

We keep hearing that aspartame – the artificial sweetener added to diet sodas, sugar-free chewing gum, some candy bars and other food items – is very dangerous to human health. Thus, we offer this short essay for our readers.  Please note: Despite current controversy and the existence of many online articles that claim that aspartame is safe for human consumption, we believe that where health is concerned one ought to err on the side of caution.

We do not use diet sodas, but we do chew a few pieces of sugar-free gum each week.  Going forward, we are completely eliminating this gum containing aspartame from our lifestyle. For those who are “hooked” on diet sodas, please consider safer alternatives such as fruit juices, lemonade, green tea, coffee or even plain old water.

Be aware that this ingredient is sometimes not explicitly listed on food packaging and can appear as “other natural flavors”.  There are some fears that aspartame is being put into dairy products in some parts of the country, and even into infant formulas!  Even chewing gums that list sugar as an ingredient may contain some aspartame.  As aspartame is in so many food items now, it is difficult to completely eliminate it from your diet.  Consciously avoiding this ingredient in those products that you know contain it will reduce your intake of it and help to preserve and protect your health.

Before sharing some links to articles where you can learn more, we must comment about a harmful ingredient being allowed into our food supply in the US.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proving to be more than merely incompetent, but is actually criminally corrupt in ignoring studies that demonstrate that aspartame is not only a carcinogen but can lead to seizures, skin problems, internal organ and brain damage.  The FDA is known to be in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry.  Now, we can see that it is in collusion with the makers of food additives as well.  If companies have spent money developing ingredients that are harmful to humans, these ingredients must not be approved for use.  The companies can write off their development costs as a loss, and must not be allowed to profit by poisoning our citizens.

Here are several helpful links.

A cornucopia of linked articles here (including dairy producers and aspartame):

A sobering article here from Dr. Janet Starr Hull:

For a common sense detoxification program, see this link.  Most of these steps you can easily do right now.  The hair analysis (step 3) is only necessary if you have serious symptoms right now that you think are from aspartame.

At the bottom of this next link, there are some key words to note – aspartame is sometimes listed under other names.

A related helpful website with much information here:

Please share this information with your family and friends!  As well, inform your co-workers about this serious threat to health.  Spread the word that aspartame is dangerous to human health.

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