Obama – the enormity of his crimes – part three

Obama – the enormity of his crimes – part three

Barack Obama spent much of his early childhood in Indonesia (where he was known as Barry Soetoro).  This is a non-Western country, a former colony of the Dutch that is predominantly Muslim.  During much of his childhood, he was cared for, or raised, by others.  His father and mother did not stay together long and later his mother died.  All in all, he did not have what most people would consider a normal childhood.  Upon reaching early adulthood and attending college in the US, he gravitated towards and kept company with individuals that did not value nor respect American ideals (many of whom were leftist radical types or foreign students from nations that do not share American ideals).  Keep this in mind, as it shows that Obama does not identify with nor see the US and its culture in a favorable light.

As well, to give some context, we must point out that those who espouse a Leftist vision for society are chasing a mirage, an impossible dream, an illusion that cannot be realized. Power hungry opportunists use this Marxist (workers’ paradise, utopian) nonsense to seduce the masses and thereby gain power.  Oh, yes, not every Leftist political leader is a true believer.  Believing in the Leftist dream is the real opiate of the masses.  Historically, where the Left has taken over the government of a nation and instituted its policies the results have been an increase in human misery and a very significant decrease in human freedoms.  Leftists, Marxists, Communists (a more extreme form of socialism) have to do away with the old order of things before they can bring about the perfectly just human society.  Try as they may, they never have and never will achieve such a society.  In their tearing down the old order, millions (deemed “counter-revolutionaries”) have been killed and many (hundreds of) millions more have lost their freedoms.  (Why this matters:  when the Left gets its way – we all lose.)

In the five years of his presidency, Barack Obama has proven to be a divider of people.  He does not bring people together.  He does not attempt to unify the nation, rather he sets one group against another.  His words, his actions, the policies of his administration have served to exacerbate the existing racial tensions within the US, and have stoked the fires of class enmity (so-called class warfare).  As well, with the requirements of Obama Care, the young will likely begin to resent the elderly as the young are now legally required to participate and will be subsidizing the care of the elderly with their insurance premiums. With the aggressive push for blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants which most Americans oppose, Obama foments even more anger in Americans towards their federal government. When the other major party, not without its own serious flaws, tries to stop some of Obama’s more aggressive (and destructive) actions, he and his political allies engage in ever more shrill partisan attacks on that party and its elected representatives.  (Just listen to the speeches he gives as he tours the country campaigning for the latest schemes of his failed agenda.)  Calls for greater tolerance of Muslims in the US go hand in hand with greater official government animosity towards Christianity and Christians’ rights to free speech and expression.

Obama, as so many Leftist agitators before him have done, uses this divide and conquer strategy to divert the public’s attention from his continuing power grabs and continuing (and increasing) abuses of his presidential authority.  Obama contributes to an “us versus them” mindset on virtually every major issue of the day.  Fragmenting and then destroying the social fabric, the social contract that we have lived with in the US for decades is necessary in order to “fundamentally transform the nation”.  We have already (in part two of this essay) discussed Obama’s destruction of the US economy.  Obama is slowly yet steadily, inexorably bringing about the conditions (of despair, division and conflict) whereby he could seize complete power.

It is important to note that President Obama has, on several occasions, publicly lamented the Constitutional limits on his power as chief executive.  The Constitution is slowing him down a little in his mission to transform the nation.  This is cynical indeed given that he frequently circumvents those constraints through the use of his executive orders and what his “czars” in the federal bureaucracy are doing.  Also, his appointments to the federal judiciary have as their primary purpose to ensure that future lawsuits against, or constitutional challenges to federal government abuses are not successful.  This man, by his actions, has shown that he has contempt for the US Constitution.

As to the damage that Obama is doing to the country, this – we are sorry to say – is long term damage which will not easily be undone.  The enormous increase in the national or sovereign debt of the United States under Obama can never be repaid and US taxpayers will be paying the interest on it in perpetuity.  Obama Care will destroy the private delivery of health care and once we have a (poor quality) government controlled health care system, there will be no way to bring back the private health care system.  Obama Care takes your health care decisions and puts them in the hands of government bureaucrats.  Once another federal bureaucracy is established (such as with Obama Care), is it ever dismantled?!  Also, it is a curious thing about Americans that they are such slaves to precedents, and rarely can reverse course once they start down a path.  One can point to Prohibition (of alcohol beverages) being repealed several decades ago as an instance of Americans reversing course.  But, such reversals in domestic policy are rarer than you might think.  The opposition party, the Republicans, cannot be counted to undo the effects of Obama’s policies if they were to regain control of the Senate and capture the White House in a future election.  (Too many times, they have shown themselves to be dishonest and even cowards.  They want to be liked, and will not make the tough choices.)

The question in many Americans’ minds is did/does Obama do this damage out of his ineptitude (recall that he has never held a responsible position in the private sector of the economy), or purposely out of a hatred for the country (consider he has long associated with radical Leftists throughout his adult life)?  Why does Obama do what he does?  Why does Obama want to “fundamentally transform” the country?  Why does Obama hate American society and culture?

It is difficult to suggest reasons here.  One difficulty is that unlike other politicians who lie but know when they lie, Mr. Obama appears not to know he’s lying much of the time.  And, he does lie frequently.  For one who has been touted and hyped as being so bright, he is blinded by the Leftist ideological dogma that he has been immersed in and attached to all of his adult life.

We suggest here a few possible answers.

I have speculated in other venues that Barack Obama may suffer from a self-hatred that he projects on to the country.  But, I am not a trained psychiatrist or psychologist.

Obama may be motivated to vigorously pursue such destructive actions and policies out of (Leftist) ideological zeal.  Passionate desire for change, for societal transformation, that requires the abolishing of the old order of things may be a factor in this man’s thinking.

A base hunger for power may also be at work.  Obama has struck me as being rather immature in his emotional and psychological development.  (He undeniably has serious character flaws.)  He seems to be at the level of a child, a spoiled child, who feels the world should pander to his every whim.  A certain ego mania does appear to be indicated.

A combination of these factors, and other (at present unknown) motivations may be at work in the mind of President Obama.  We leave it to readers to form their own opinions here.

Conclusion and verdict

There are some things that are no longer in dispute to any honest and rational observer.

President Obama has seriously damaged the US economy these past 5  years.  In the past 75 years, emerging from previous recessions, the US economy has not taken so long to recover and create millions of good jobs.  The middle class today is smaller than when Obama took office in early 2009.  Millions of Americans have suffered economic impoverishment during this time.

Mr. Obama, with the help of his political allies in Congress, his ideological judicial appointees on the federal bench, and the emboldened government bureaucrats, has steadily encroached on and lessened our freedoms and rights.

For those who still are enamored of this man, we ask:  Has he done this for our own good?

Look at the ugly nature of his actions, and these actions’ terrible effects.  Mr. Obama has greatly increased human misery and despair in the US.  Behind his cynical smiles, lurks a twisted ego.

President Obama bemoans the constitutional constraints that prevent him from exercising complete and arbitrary power over our lives.  He may manufacture or exacerbate a domestic crisis and use such a crisis as a pretext for suspending the Constitution (an unconstitutional act) and seizing dictatorial powers for himself.

The temptation to seize absolute unrestrained power may prove too great for a man with such a flawed personal character.

Obama is an enemy of human freedom and true progress and social harmony.

We emphasize: Here is a man, who with his coterie of corrupt and arrogant political allies, has greatly increased human misery and despair.  What are we to conclude?  Are we to give him a free pass because of the dictates of identity politics and political correctness?  I say nay.

Consider one more time his wanton destruction of the economic well-being of millions through his policies.  This ends justifies the means mindset is wrong.  The end – a socialist or Marxist utopia – is not attainable.  The means used are wrong as they needlessly increase human misery and injustice.  Obama’s war to greatly reduce, if not eliminate over time the middle class is morally wrong.

This is hard-core reality. We cannot sugar-coat the reality merely because there are still individuals for whom the name Obama has religious overtones.

We can no longer make excuses for Obama.  You Obama fans cannot defend his destructive actions by any rational and objective means.

For these crimes against 300 million Americans currently living, and untold millions more yet unborn, the evidence (his deliberate, purposeful actions) compels me to conclude, I say again, compels me to conclude that Barack Obama is one of the most evil men to ever hold power in the Western world.

Now, dear readers, if you disagree with my conclusion, then what are we to consider Obama as?  If he is not evil, then he is a very dangerous psychotic, and unfit for office.

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