for the chefs and cooks – part one

for the chefs and cooks – part one

We take no responsibility if you feel hungry after viewing these images.

It may be that some people take cruises primarily for the food served on the cruise ship. For such individuals, the ports of call are just extra, a diversion from the main event of the food.

We offer these photos in no particular order.

Where to begin?  With assorted bell peppers.


assorted bell peppeers


Fresh pineapple.


fresh pineapple






Vegetable Tempura.


vegetable tempura


Pizza (with melted cheese).


pizza 2


Fish balls.


fish balls


Rice with muscles (sea food).




Fresh guava.


fresh guava


Choices at the salad bar.




French Fries


French fries


Lamb shanks.


lamb shanks










Potato salad.


potato salad


Ice cream offered in various flavors.


ice cream


Thanks for reading/viewing.

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