for the chefs and cooks – part two

for the chefs and cooks – part two

As noted in part one, it may be that some people take cruises primarily for the food served on the cruise ship.  For such individuals, the ports of call are just extra, a diversion from the main event of the food.

We offer these photos in no particular order.

Here are large egg salad sandwiches.


large potato and egg sandwich


Grilled vegetables.


grilled vegetables


Grilled chicken breasts.


grilled chicken breast


More grilled chicken (with bell peppers).


grilled chicken


Green beans.


green beans


More green beans.


green beans 2


Cinnamon buns, etc.


cinnamon buns etc


“Buffalo” wings.


buffalo wings


Chinese noodles with vegetables.


Chinese noodles


Assorted vegetables.


Chinese assorted vegetables














Prawn, broccoli and rice.


prawn broccoli and rice


Fish cake.


fish cake


Thanks for reading/viewing.

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