fortune cookie wisdom

fortune cookie wisdom


Only a fool desires what he can never have (nor obtain).

No, we did not see that written on a small strip of paper from a fortune cookie.  But, it is something worth thinking about.  Life is not perfect.  Life is a struggle all the way through. As they say, Nirvana is not of this world.  The Buddhists warn us that desire is the source or cause of suffering.

As we approach the end of this year and the celebration of the solar New Year, we may pause to reflect on our lives, our goals, our values, and our life’s priorities.  This can be time well spent.

How about setting realistic goals for one’s self in the new year?  Difficult but achievable goals that are worth pursuing.  Make each day count.  Learn to accept that you are not perfect, others around you are not perfect, and life is not perfect.  If you can do this, much frustration and disappointment can either be avoided or at least lessened in your life.

As they say, work at changing the things that can be changed or corrected or improved. And, that which truly cannot be changed, we must learn to accept and live with.

The spirit soul placed into the prison house of the flesh in this gross material world is a difficult predicament.  The constraints of the human condition are very trying to all of us at times.  But, as we all have a life sentence on this earth, perhaps the best approach to life is to try to make the best of it.  Despite all the sorrow, all the tragedy, all the suffering, and, yes, all the injustice we see around us each day, if we alter our perspective a little, we can see that there is still some beauty, some joy, some love to be found in our lives and in this world.  Do not give in to despair.  Cultivate love in your heart and spread that love to those around you.  In this small way, you can make the world a little better place to be in.

In these next 2 photos, we see one of our few house plants.  It blooms 2 or 3 times a year for 10 days or so each time.


flowering plant 3


Another view.


flowering plant


In our last pic for this essay, we see a small sauce bowl with the Chinese character for longevity on it.  (We do not use this bowl in the kitchen.  It sits atop one of our bookcases as a decoration.)


longevity cup

Thanks for reading.

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