Great Stirrup Cay – the Bahamas – part one

Great Stirrup Cay – the Bahamas – part one

Over the centuries, the Bahamas have been hit by numerous hurricanes.  Such Atlantic hurricanes sent many Spanish ships – returning from the New World laden with precious metals and even gem stones – to the bottom of the sea.  In recent decades, modern day salvers, or treasure hunters, have recovered some of these long-lost cargoes from shallow waters of the Atlantic and of the Caribbean Sea.

In this essay, we present some pictures from Great Stirrup Cay, the first port of call in the Bahamas in November.  The Bahamas lie southeast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

Shallow waters, sandy beaches, blue skies and palm trees greet you in the Bahamas.


bahamas 13


The cruise ship’s daily itinerary posted for all to see.


ship intinerary


The tender to shuttle cruise ship passengers into the shallow harbor.


Bahamas 4


On the tender, anticipating a fun day in the sun.


bahamas 28


A sign mounted on local rock.


bahamas 27


A bronze Poseidon (Neptune)?


bahamas 25


Local fruit – coconut and star fruit.


coconut and star fruit


Additional sweet fruits – watermelon, sliced pineapple, and cantaloupes.


coconut and fruit


A carved coconut shell.


Bahamas 6


A cruise ship off shore from a rocky beach.


Bahamas 8


A simple walking tour of the cay provides much scenery.


Bahamas 7


The low surf coming in on to the rocky shore.


Bahamas 10


Sea, sky and land.  A few snorkelers, swimmers, bathers, and waders.


Bahamas 9


Low lying, flat topography.  The Maldives off the west coast of India are similar.


bahamas 14


We invite you to stay tuned or to check back for part two of this essay.


Lucy 3


Thanks for reading/viewing.

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