Great Stirrup Cay – the Bahamas – part two

Great Stirrup Cay – the Bahamas – part two


In part two of this essay, we present the remaining pictures from Great Stirrup Cay, the first port of call in the Bahamas in November.  The Bahamas lie southeast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

Shallow, blue waters and sandy beaches.


bahamas 15


This locale has a relaxed atmosphere far from the pressing problems of the world.  A refreshing, temporary escape for the visitors.


Bahamas 5


Local rock on these low-lying islands, atolls and cays.  Most of the rock is fossil coral or limestone.


Bahamas 3


Another view of sea, sky and land.


Bahamas 2


Here we see our photographer exploring on a leisurely walk.


bahamas 17


Let’s get back to the areas where more human activity is going on.


bahamas 26


Bacardi is a name of a brand of rum, is it not?  Rum is made from sugar cane.


bahamas 20


Yes, here we see people enjoying the beach and the sea with a cruise ship nearby off shore.


bahamas 19


Why not enjoy a drink and relax in the shade?


bahamas 16


These appear to be, what could we call them, small beach huts for shade from the tropical sun.


bahamas 18


This next image is notable for the deep blue sky and the tall palm trees.


bahamas 24


At the beach, we see scenery of a different kind.


bahamas 21


The shallow water and gentle surf invites the guests in to the water.


bahamas 22


Another view.


bahamas 23


One can find plenty of space away from the crowds only a short walk away.


bahamas 12


One last view as we say farewell to the Great Stirrup Cay.




Thanks for reading/viewing.


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