for the broken hearted

for the broken hearted




This world is a forge, a crucible.

If you have ever really loved someone, and then lost that person for whatever reason (death, a breaking off of the relationship, divorce, etc.), you know how piercing the pain of a broken heart can be.  (We’re talking about really loving someone, not a teenage “crush” for a classmate, nor mere infatuation.)

As hard as it may be to believe when you are hurting so much, in time you will feel better. This is no trite remark, but is based on the experiences of many others including myself.

Here are the words of a song for those who have experienced the painful and sad ending of a relationship.  It is a touching, even piercing song for those who have lost a love they cannot recover.

Photograph on a shelf in a room I knew so well

Smile on a face, who it is I could not tell

Like a scene from a book lying open where it fell

And there’s no going back when it’s over

Photograph by Shakatak, 1984, from the album, Down on The Street.

Here is the link to the song on YouTube:

Best wishes to all.

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