Nassau in the Bahamas

Nassau in the Bahamas

In this essay, we present the remaining pictures from our photographer’s cruise to the Bahamas in November.  Nassau was the last port of call on the cruise before the ship sailed back to New York.  These pics are not as crisp and nice as the pictures from the Great Stirrup Cay (see the earlier essay), but we offer them for your viewing enjoyment.

The Bahamas lie southeast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

Here is a picture of the tropical sky.




The day’s itinerary on the cruise ship.


ship itinierary Nassau


Something colorful.




Advertisement for food.




A patrol boat docked.


Patrol Boat


Impressive thunder clouds in this image.




A welcome for tourists.


sign 2


Another view – with visitors.




A courtyard scene with small fountains.


typical scene


Another view.


taking a break


Picture taking by visitors.


sign 4


This next picture looks to be an advertisement for a local beer.




Let’s head out to the beach.


beach sign


A beach scene.


beach scene


Palm trees, sand and water, and tourists and some local folks.


at beach


Cruise ships docked in the distance, sky, palm trees, sand and shadows.


beach scene 3


Another view with the cruise ships a little less distant.


crusie ships


Less shadows, more sunlit sand and blue sky.


beach scene 4


Sand and sky with a little water in this image.


beach scene 5


Soaking up some sun on a quiet stretch of beach.


quiet beach


We like this next image.  Sky, sea and sand.


sand sea and sky


Water and sky dominate in these small islands.  The land is the exception amidst the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the unlimited sky above.


water scene


Now, we show some pics of our photographer enjoying her assignment.


Lucy on beach


In the shade, on a mild day with good food to eat.




Here we see palm trees that are almost down to the water’s edge.


Lucy and trees


An invitation to return to these islands.




Thanks for reading/viewing.

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