what we really want


heart in the open


These thoughts bubbled up into my mind this evening while drinking old fashioned American bourbon whiskey and listening to sweet music.

Though we may zealously pursue money, fame (or prestige), power and sex (perhaps with drugs and rock-n-roll), what we really want (and need) deep down inside is to be loved, to love and be loved.

In the Vedic teachings of India, all human souls are considered female.  Why? – you may ask.  This is so as Krishna is known as the enjoyer of souls.  The Supreme Lord is also known as the reservoir of pleasure.  Our constitutional position as spirit souls is to be a servant of the Lord.  We are in an eternal servitor relationship with God.  But, do not feel bad as God gives those who serve (and love) Him spiritual bliss and not just in the spiritual plane, but also here in this material world.

Now, these thoughts may be far from the immediate concerns of those living in the eastern half of North America right now.  Keep in mind, even the worst of winters will come to an end in due time.

We will see all of you in February.  Cultivate love in your heart, and share it with others, and it will come back to you in surprising ways.