a tribute to Blood, Sweat and Tears

a tribute to Blood, Sweat and Tears

Target: Earth, third planet in star system number 6792.  Begin transmission.

While gathering our thoughts for other upcoming essays, we recollect on some very good music from the late 1960s and the early 1970s.

Blood, Sweat and Tears (BS&T) was a musical group that produced songs with rich sounds and good lyrics.  I would not classify them as either hard or soft rock.  Their music made use of more than just guitars and drums.  Listening last night to their songs that we first heard more than 40 years ago, was as enjoyable as when we first heard them.

We share these links to some of their more memorable tunes.  If you are not familiar with these, you may want to give a listen.  Most everyone has heard You’ve Made Me So Very Happy, and Spinning Wheel.  Therefore, we include some lesser known but very nice songs.

Sometimes in Winter – a haunting song that tells of lost love.  Deeply touching.


Lucretia MacEvil   –  “Oooohh, Lucy, you just so damn bad.”  (at 2:22 of the song) Video features the vinyl LP playing on a turntable.


Hi De Ho


And When I Die  – a great tune to sing along with.


God Bless the Child  –  on this song you hear more of the rich full-bodied sounds made by the various instruments accompanied by the moving vocal of David Clayton-Thomas.


Lisa Listen To Me


And, here is the full greatest hits album now on CD.  (I bought the original vinyl LP back in 1972 with money earned on my paper route.)  As one of the comments on YouTube says:  “This kiddies, is real music. “



End transmission.

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