a suggestion for the 2016 US presidential election

a suggestion for the 2016 US presidential election



noodle and asparagus


The current speculation is that we will have Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush (former governor of Florida) facing off against each other 2 years hence in the next US presidential election. Are the American people going to put up with this charade, this farce?  Sadly, yes.

We have 2 very corrupt and inept (yet power hungry) major political parties here in the US.  We desperately need better than what these parties can offer.

Here’s an idea.  In all 50 states, have a selection on the ballot that simply reads “None of the above”.  Place this choice at the bottom of the listing of the candidates for president.  A few states already have this as an option on their ballots.

Now, if “None of the above” wins a plurality of the votes cast in a majority of the states (in at least 26 states), a new election with new candidates will be held in 6 month’s time.  This process will be repeated until a candidate wins the required 270 electoral votes.  (We do not want the US House of Representatives to select the next president if neither candidate wins 270 electoral votes.  We want a new field of candidates that are acceptable to the people.  Mr. Obama can remain as part of a care taker government until we have a winner.)

The above scenario would serve to counter act the current presidential nomination process that is manipulated if not controlled by party elites.  Voter turnout might actually increase if citizens could use their votes to send a needed message to those entrenched in power.

Is this ever going to happen?  No.  But, if it did, this would send a clear message to the corrupt politicos in Washington that the people are sick and tired of them and their failed approaches to governing the nation.

The photo at the top is of a dish that my wife prepared the other night for dinner.  Noodles and asparagus (with a little corn thrown in).

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