some thoughts on the achievements and contributions of gays


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We had heard some years back that Michelangelo may have been gay.  As well, there were no doubt some artists, philosophers, writers, scientists, doctors, political leaders, military officers, inventors, athletes, etc. in the past who were gay.  Today, there are gays in virtually all walks of life.

The question that comes to mind here is:  Would these same individuals have made their contributions – achieved what they did – if they were not, or had not been, gay?

Or, put differently:  Were these specific achievements (and contributions) only possible because the individuals were gay?

My opinion is that the achievements and contributions of individuals who were, or are, gay, were made by these individuals independent of their sexuality.  In other words, these people would have made their contributions even if they had not been gay.

Does being gay confer special talents (or special abilities) on individuals?

(We recognize the need for role models within the gay community.  But, that is not relevant to our questions.)

I have never been a fan of identity politics.  I am not gay.  But, if I were gay, would I think differently on this issue (of the achievements and contributions of individuals who were/are gay)?  Would I have to think differently about it (because of the demands of identity politics)?

Just food for thought.