it is society’s fault

it is society’s fault


We have heard the lamentation by various commentators “That it is society’s fault.”  This is used, at times, to try to explain away crimes or criminal behavior.  As well, it can be used to rationalize one’s apathy or indifference to injustices around us.  Let’s explore this a little in this essay.




Being a believer in personal responsibility, I scoffed at this phrase – “It is society’s fault.” – when I first heard it a few years ago.  It turns out there is some truth to it.  For example, the US is currently being governed by dangerous psychopaths in Washington.  We, the American people, put these miscreants into power.  Even for those who voted for a “lesser of two evils” in recent elections, I say you still voted for an evil.  Thus, there really is some collective guilt for the American people in this sense.

What about the Muslim immigrant to Europe who assaults and rapes a woman or a girl? (This is happening every day throughout Europe.)  Yes, it is society’s fault that Muslims are allowed to immigrate into Europe.  Yes, it is a segment of society that is responsible for women not being protected and safe in Europe from sexual assault.  That segment responsible is the European men.  What is wrong with European men these days?  If someone were threatening my wife or even a female neighbor, I would be moved to quick actions to defend and protect her.  At the societal level, why do not Europeans, en masse, call for an end to Muslim immigration?  You certainly do not need such immigration as you have millions of your own citizens unemployed right now!  Oh, I see.  When Europeans have spoken out against immigration, these people have been smeared as “Nazis” or “fascists”, etc.  The bitter fruits of leftist thinking.

As to personal, individual responsibility, the Muslim assailant is responsible.  Some Muslims youths charged for their abominable crimes have claimed that they did not know it was wrong to rape.  Can you believe that?!  I do not make this stuff up.  What does that tell you about Muslims and their “religion”?  They can do as they please as regards “infidels”.

Now, let’s bring this closer to home for each of us as individuals.  (Atheists and agnostics need read no further.)  If you believe that we as individuals will be held accountable for our actions (sins of commission) and for our failures to act (sins of omission), then consider the possibility of asserting, as a personal defense, “that it is society’s fault” on judgment day.

Yet, we are a part of that “society”!  When we choose to turn a blind eye to injustices around us, then we are guilty of failing to help our fellow human beings.  When we make no serious effort to stop the injustices, and make no effort to help innocent victims, we are guilty.  For society to change, we as individuals have to make the effort and the personal sacrifices to move it to change.  What we call “society” is the collective aggregate of all of our actions and inactions.  Think about that.  Make the effort to overcome your personal inertia and personal apathy.  You can make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.  Start a ripple effect.  We so desperately need more individual citizens to start caring and start acting in a constructive manner.  We can reach the “hundredth monkey” point, the inflection or tipping point, and then “society” will change for the better.

Question political correctness.  Seek the truth.  And, reject leftist fantasies and hypocrisy.

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