some spring time pictures from the bay area

some spring time pictures from the bay area

Let’s do a few photo essays, shall we?

We chose to celebrate our wedding anniversary a few days early and drove down to the city we were married in more than a few years ago.  It is spring time in San Francisco and the flowers are in bloom.  Here we share some random pictures from this past weekend.

All in all, it was a very pleasant stay for a few days.

To avoid the snow in the mountains on Friday, we drove down on Thursday.  There was rain in the city on Friday until mid afternoon, and then the skies began to clear.

On Saturday morning, we took these pics in the Sunset District in the western part of the city.

This image was taken in front of a house (or 2 unit flat) on 19th Avenue, one of the most heavily trafficked streets in San Francisco (with 3 lanes for autos in each direction).  This street only becomes “quiet” for a relatively short time each night between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m.  Not long after the night owls have gone home, the early risers get on the road.  Here, we are not far from one of the entrances to Golden Gate Park.


flowers in San Fran


We walked over to 21st Avenue to get a few pics of Lucy’s trees.  We posted an essay on these trees last summer.  The 2 trees were possibly already growing in the backyard when the 2 unit flat was built in 1945 (at the end of Franklin Roosevelt’s war in the Pacific). These trees were trimmed quite recently.  These provide shade and some privacy to a few adjacent back yards.  The nearer tree is the taller and is occulting (obscuring) the 2nd tree.


Lucy's trees 2


Another view.


Lucy's trees


From a distance, up 21st Avenue, you can see that these trees are the only ones higher than the surrounding roofs.  (We are looking to the north.)


Lucy's trees in distance


Now, for some other images of flowers as we walked around the Sunset District.  Front yards are quite small.  Residents’ back yards are larger.


flowers in San Fran 4


A different color in this next pic.


flowers in San Fran 2


Another image.


flowers in San Fran 3


Last pic before we drive over to my parents’ home in the East Bay.


plants in San Fran


My parents live on the east side of the hills that run (north to south) inland several miles from the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay.  Being inland, it can get very warm to hot in the summer on those days when the fog and wind do not make it to the inland valleys.

Lucy really liked these flowers in the front yard of my parents’ house.  (Here also the rear yards are much larger than the front yards.)


flowers at parents house 2


Another view.


flowers at parents house 3


A close up.  Very beautiful.  (This is not Hawaii, but northern California.)


flowers at parents house 4


And, it is only fitting to photograph our blog’s photographer.


Lucy with flowers 3


And, one more.


Lucy with flowers


Flowers next to a wooden (decorative) trellis.


flowers at parents house


As they say “Spring is the dance of life.”


flower at parents house 2


Another closer view.


flower at parents house


Driving back to San Francisco in the late afternoon, we were on the San Mateo bridge, one of 3 bridges linking the peninsula with the east bay, when we saw this sky.  This photo was taken through the front windshield of our car.


clouds and sun


Above, I had mentioned that the rain had stopped in mid afternoon on Friday.  By around 4 or so, it was partly cloudy.  I went down the street to a sandwich shop that also sells beer. Funny thing, I cannot drink beer at the elevation over 4,200 feet (1,300 meters +) where we live in the high desert.  Thus, beer is a treat for me when we are back down near sea level.  As to whiskey, that I can and do drink at times at home.  Strange that I cannot drink beer without getting a headache in thin air.

This beer imported from Thailand is labelled in some locales as ale.  It boasts a 5 per cent alcohol content.  Most domestic beers are a little more than 3 per cent alcohol.  So, it does have a bit more punch to it.


Thai beer


Another angle on the carton.


Singha 2


Good food and good drink and good company – life does not get any better, does it?

We’ll have more photos from our trip for you over the coming days.

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