sundry food pics

sundry food pics

For the chefs and cooks among our readers, we share some sundry photos of various dishes.  With just one exception, these were from an event that our photographer attended in the past few weeks.  We will continue with our photos from our weekend in San Francisco in a few days.

As mentioned at the end of an essay in April, we will be sending our blog’s photographer out on assignment in late May to east Asia.  She will be there for a fortnight.  If there are no technical issues or problems, we may then be able to post several photo essays in mid June.  As well, coastal Mexico will be an assignment for her at the end of August.

Here we see purple yams and bell peppers.


purple yam and bell peppers


Next, we see vegetable udon.


vegetable udon


Prawns, shrimp, mushrooms, whatever.


prawn, etc


Salmon and asparagus.


salmon and asparagus


Oysters or clam, etc.


clam or oyster






These noodles were the one exception.  This pic is from SF last weekend.  Lucy loves noodles.  I like steamed rice better, but these were good.




Now, for some images of desserts.


a dessert 2


A slice of some type of pie.


a dessert


Chinese donuts.


Chinese donut


Last, we see a decoration on one of the tables.


decorative plant


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