a few images from Golden Gate Park

 a few images from Golden Gate Park


We now offer several pictures from a walk in the park on Monday, 28 April.

Flowers were on display.  This is on the foot path entering the park just yards from 19th Avenue.


in the park 5


Close to the Japanese Tea Garden, we see this memorial plaque.  Many ethnic groups have contributed to this cosmopolitan city.


in the park 4


Another nearby photo opportunity.


in the park 2


Now, from a different angle.


in the park 3


There is an area for outdoor concerts with many benches.


concert benches


Shadows always attract me especially when there is a camera at hand.  The contrast of light and dark areas can be, and is, intriguing and sometimes mysterious.


shadows on ground


Another nearby variation.


shadows on ground 2


A final look.


shadows on ground 3


Before posting a few essays with the remaining images from our long weekend in San Francisco, we will offer a thematic essay that may be of interest to readers.

See you soon.

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