a visit to the California Academy of Sciences – part two

a visit to the California Academy of Sciences – part two

We now present the remaining photos from our visit to the academy on 28 April 2014.

Here again is the link to the academy’s website:


The academy must have had a recent photo competition.




Variation and natural selection.




Human variation.


human variation 2


Interesting image.


human variation


Insect diversity.




There must have been research conducted or sponsored by the academy on Madagascar.


Madagascar 3


We have a human “volunteer” in this picture to convey some idea how big this fossil skeleton of a T-Rex is.  It is good that humans were not around at the same time as the dinosaurs.


lucy with dinosaur skeleton


A fossilized imprint in what may have been clay or sand and is now stone.




The eggs of flightless birds are larger and thicker than the eggs of flying birds.


bird eggs


A rotating globe that shows the tectonic plate boundaries around the Earth.




Evidence that the continents were once joined and have since moved apart over many millions of years.


dispersed fossils


Due to the erosion of beaches and the changes to the coastline caused by river deltas, the below water continental shelves fit together even better than the visible coastlines.  (Note: This info is on a circular pillar.)


complementary coasts


Projecting the drift of continents into the far future.  Will there be any humans in the far future to see this configuration?


continents move


This is a photograph of a fire from a ruptured natural gas pipeline in the Marina District of San Francisco on the evening of October 17, 1989.  The pipeline was broken during a 7.0 magnitude earthquake whose epicenter was some 50 to 60 miles distant (down the coast). The smoke drifted westward to the ocean and was visible to residents in the western part of the city before nightfall.  The Golden Gate Bridge is visible in this photograph.  When tectonic plates move against each other, there can be much destruction at the Earth’s surface.


1989 natural gas fire


We do not know if Mother’s Day is celebrated in other countries, but we wish mothers everywhere a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday, 11 May 2014.

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