appreciating the beauty of the female form

As we have some artists and a couple of models among our readers, we present this essay.

The beauty of women and the female form have inspired poetry and song, and art (sculpture, painting, carvings, drawings) throughout human history.  This may be due in part to how men’s brains are wired.  Men are such visually oriented creatures.  (One recalls that from The Iliad of Homer, we are led to believe that the Trojan War was fought for the return of Helen, queen of Sparta and renowned as the most beautiful woman in the world.)

As well, ancient philosophers, the Taoists of China, knew that it takes both a feminine energy or principle (the yin) and a masculine energy or principle (the yang) to make the world go round.  The complementarity of opposites as found in nature.  And, humans are a part of nature.

We were not sure how to title this essay.  Alternatively, we could have made the essay’s title: “celebrating the beauty of the female form”, or “the beauty and timeless appeal of the female form”.

We must add that the most important beauty of a person, the beauty that endures – even when the flesh withers with time – is the inner beauty.  The beauty of a loving personality.

It won’t be long now until Americans will be flocking to the nation’s beaches (on 3 coasts, Atlantic, Gulf and the Pacific) and to lakes and swimming pools. After the terrible winter and difficult spring so much of the country has endured, the return of summer will be most welcome.  At the beaches, there will be plenty of natural beauty to see.

Here we present 3 contemporary examples of female beauty.  (We do not wish to over do it, thus we present only 3 pics.)

The future belongs to young women.  And, they add so much vitality to the present.




A friend gave us kind permission to use her photo in this essay.  This is nicely done.  A woman’s hair, her long tresses, adds so much to her beauty.  As well, there is a certain raw, untamed, natural vitality and a hint of mystery in this image.


nicely done


As to the next photo, we tell you that we are pro-woman, and for the right of self-defense, thus we are pro-gun.  Here we see the beauty of the model’s shapely figure used to make a statement.  (Nice nail polish.)


self defense


****** we aim to please – but we cannot please everyone ******

Is it wrong – or even a sin – to admire the natural beauty?  We do not think so.

closing thoughts

We condemn those societies wherein women are oppressed and abused by sexually maladjusted men, who are not natural, confident, mentally healthy men and who do not respect women and girls.

We present the lyrics to the first 2 verses of the song “Never Been to Spain” by Three Dog Night from 1971.  It is apropos as to the effect of women’s beauty on men.

Well, I’ve never been to Spain
But I kinda like the music
Say the ladies are insane there
And they sure know how to use it

They don’t abuse it
Never gonna lose it
I can’t refuse it


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Thanks for reading.

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