more sundry food pics

more sundry food pics


We found several photos of various dishes that we have not previously posted.  Also, we include one image that was posted in an essay on marriage.

As the holiday weekend is approaching, we will take a break from blogging for a few days. We will continue with our thematic essays in a few days.  We wish all readers in the US a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.  As well, we wish a happy and safe weekend to readers outside of the US.  Remember, it is not just a platitude:  Do not drink and drive. Designate a non-drinking driver before you start drinking!

This image, used in a non-photo essay, is of carrot cake.


carrot cake


Not sure what these next dishes from a Mexican restaurant are.  In the upper image, it could be a salmon taco.


misc food pic






Longevity buns.


longevity bun


Oysters with lettuce and oyster sauce.


oyster with lettuce and oyster sauce






Deep fried fish with scallop and broccoli.


deep fried fish with scallop and broccoli






A vegetarian dish here, tofu.


vegetarian dish - tofu






Eat healthy and enjoy your holiday meals.

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