musings for a Friday – a trip to the super market

Dear readers, read on as there is a purpose to this story.

To avoid the heat of the day, I made the trip to the supermarket early this morning.

Twice this week, at different markets the avocados have been too hard and thus not edible. A couple of weeks back, these were far too soft and past eating as they were falling apart. If the interior (sans skin) is no longer green on the surface and a dull yellow deeper in, but is a dark gray or grayish brown, cut away those parts and do not consume them – these have already started to putrefy.

The avocados purchased on Tuesday are still rock hard and have not yet begun to soften. The thought occurred to me:  What would happen if one of these were dropped on the concrete of our patio?  Would the avocado be dented or the concrete chipped?  They are that hard!  Fortunately, the strawberries and the bananas are good to eat today.




While pushing the shopping cart along the aisles at the very large market, nearby I suddenly saw a young man shaking his arms wildly.  His middle-aged mother moved quickly to calm him.  This young man either had Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy or some other serious neurological disorder and handicap.

Was it his karma?  (We have written before on karma and our doubts that it explains all.)

But, let us consider that this poor, miserable young man was suffering because of his karma, his past actions and/or failures to act.  Is it possible that in his previous life he had shown no compassion, no pity to others who were suffering?  Is it possible that he did not offer help to those in need?  Now, he is the one who is suffering.  He is the object of compassion, or at least, pity.  He is now the one who needs (actually requires) much help to survive.

As noted in the essay posted last Sunday (01 June), let us strive to see the immortal soul in others around us, even in those terribly disfigured or severely handicapped and who do not have much “quality of life” in their lives.

Not knowing what to say to the mother as encouragement, moving on with the cart, I quickly said a prayer for him and for his mother.  (This is true.  Hopefully, God hears the prayers of a terrible sinner.)

My aged, infirm father scoffs at my view that this world is a level of Hell.  Our perspectives are quite different.  These are, dear readers, just my speculations.  Do not take them as dogma or as inspired revelations.

Perhaps my experiences have been different from yours.  Perhaps my mind is and has been far too sensitive to what I see in the world.  So much suffering.  So much senseless tragedy.  Yes, I think that I have suffered periods of partial insanity in my life.  And, depression to be sure.

Can a mad man recognize a truth, the truth, any truth?  Or, does it take a certain degree of (what others consider) insanity to see the painful truths, the truths we would rather not confront?

For now, I am all alone.  Tonight, the music on the CD player and the whiskey may help me to forget, for a time, the world and all its pain.

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