pictures from China – a stone forest

pictures from China – a stone forest

Well now, our intrepid photographer has returned from her assignment in distant, fabled Asia.  A fortnight is too long for an assignment.  The challenge she faces, in addition to her “jet lag”, is wading through approximately fourteen hundred pictures and forwarding to me only the best ones.  Thus, we will post several photo essays over the next few weeks.  As well, we will throw in the occasional thematic essay during the remainder of June.

In no particular order, here are the first images received of southern China (Yunnan province).

Towering rocks above the water.


China 5 beauty


The below informational sign is very similar to what a tourist in the US sees at some of the national parks in the US southwest, such as Zion and Bryce Canyon and Arches with their colorful sandstones and limestones.  Note the use of 2 languages.


China 10


Rock and water again.


China 16 good


Interesting balanced rock.


China 6


Appears to be an entrance to the park.


China 11


Late spring weather – must have been humid.  More rock towers.


China 8 rocks


Stone sentries on duty for millions of years.


China 9


Along the tourist path are shady trees and large rocks.


China 7


Another sign within the park.


China 3


These images do remind one of the parks in the US where the effects of similar erosion processes have been at work over very long periods of time.


China 13


A nice image of sky, water, rocks and green trees and plants.


China 14


Not sure about this next image and am guessing that it appears in the visitor center.


China 15


Another view.  The walking path afforded many photo opportunities.


China 12


Forgive me for making comparisons, this next view is similar – albeit with different colors in the rocks – to some of the views in Canyonlands (the Needles section) and Arches national parks in eastern Utah.


China 4


Impressive monuments in stone.  These were standing when Confucius and Lao-Tse were alive.


China 2


Erosion can carve and sculpt many shapes in the stones.


China 1


Our photographer tells me this was a local vegetable farm in southern China.


China 18


Here we see another kind of stone forest.  Artificial stone (concrete) and very, very recent.


China 17


The hotel where the tourists on this tour stayed.  Very modern and comfortable.


China 20


A view out of the hotel room window.


China 19


Lucy (our photographer) informs me that these wine containers were between 4 and 5 feet tall.


China 22 wine containers


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