An Open Letter To The Angry Young Men

Here is a well written essay from a Christian perspective. The “why” behind these atrocities is not always clear. Anti-psychotic, anti-depressant “meds” with dangerous and powerful side effects have been in play in some of these multiple murders. These mass shootings need to be stopped, yes – but without the citizenry accepting the police state that some are pushing for.

The Live Script

Dear Angry Young Men,

I don’t question that you’ve got pain.  Were you bullied?  Ignored by women?  Did your parents abuse you?  Were you always a bit lost in a crowd?  I don’t know your particular pains, but I’ll tell you right now, every single one of us carries wounds.  Your wounds don’t make you special, they make you normal.

I don’t understand the twists in your thinking, how your autobiography is being written in your head that you think going out in a blaze of blood equates glory.  Because the watching world doesn’t see your victory or fame, we see a coward with a gun mowing down precious people.  We see crying parents and schools with police tape around them and coffins way too small.  This is your glory?  This is your grand finale?  To crown your pain with the pain of others?

I’d ask you to take a…

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