As we work on various drafts for upcoming essays, we share these images for the food and cooking and eating aficionados among our readers.  Our blog’s photographer attended this wedding banquet after returning from her assignment in China (of which we need to post several more photo essays).

At a Chinese banquet or feast, there is always plenty of food with a variety of dishes or entrees.  The various dishes are served throughout the meal.  Often, the next entree is brought to the table from the restaurant’s kitchen before the previous dish has been finished by the guests sitting at the circular or round tables.  Soups, vegetables (often with noodles), various meats, poultry, fish, shell fish, steamed rice, hot tea, and desserts are served.  As well, each table has bottles of soda or soft drinks for the children, and, depending on the tastes of the hosts, a bottle of Scotch whiskey or cognac for the adults.

Here are some appetizers.


wedding banquet appetizers


Abalone, mushroom and vegetable.


abalone mushroom and vegetable






Peking duck with bun.


Peking duck with bun


Scallop and squid.


scallop and squid






Shrimp balls.


shrimp balls


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