the Japanese tea garden in pictures – part two – people and structures

A beautiful summer morning found us in this garden within Golden Gate Park on Monday, 30 June 2014.  The morning was still fresh and cool as we began our stroll before 10 a.m. summer time (daylight savings time).  This multi-part essay tries to capture some of the beauty of this garden.  We really were fully present in each moment as we enjoyed the cool morning air, the sunlight filtering down through the many trees, the beautiful landscaping (in both light and in shadow), and brushing by the other visitors (locals, and tourists on holiday from Europe and from far off Asia).  Our worries were forgotten on this very memorable and treasured morning.

This garden does have a tea house were tea is served, and a gift shop.  But, the main attraction is the garden itself with its well maintained grounds.

In this first photo, one sees a structure set in among some of the plants and trees.   The various walking or foot paths allow for many photo opportunities.


trees in garden


A different view showing that some of the garden was still in shadow at this time.  Yes, there is a very small waterfall visible in this image.


tea garden


Carefully and artfully shaped, trimmed, pruned or sculpted plants are seen here in the foreground.  The red wooden structure is pagoda like.


sculpted plants and red wood structure


Now, having walked several feet to our left, we snapped this picture.


red wood structure


This arched wooden bridge over one of the many ponds was an attraction for children.  As well, our blog’s photographer (pictured here) could not resist trying it.


lucy on wooden bridge


Lucy is standing in front of the garden’s Buddha statue.  The play of light and shadow was a constant companion as visitors walked through the garden on the various foot paths.


lucy by Buddha


A friendly reminder to respect the work of the gardeners and to be safe as well.


stay on path


This last picture could have been omitted but we share it to make a point, or perhaps, two. Humans are a part of the natural environment even if we do not stop to realize that.  And, without people, who would there be to admire such natural beauty?  (Do insects and birds and fish admire their part of the natural environment?)  We were glad to see parents and children enjoying this beautiful place.


beuatiful pic of lucy


. . . . .  to be continued . . . . . 

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