some thoughts on Michael Savage, conservative talk radio host

While making my midday meal, I will often listen to the radio in our kitchen.  There are days when I listen to Michael Savage on his national talk radio show, The Savage Nation. (This radio program airs on many stations around the US from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the east and noon to 3 p.m. here in the far west.)

Some times Savage makes me laugh.  He gets angry or feigns anger over the social and political problems currently afflicting the US.  He has penetrating insights at times.  He will address some taboo issues that most other radio hosts will shy away from.  (A few days back we heard the voices of survivors of childhood sexual abuse call into the show and share their continuing pain.)  He is politically incorrect, and is not ashamed to be.

I find myself in agreement with Michael Savage on many (but certainly not all) issues.  I still recall how he spent most of his time on air in March, 2005  – during the 2 weeks when Terry Schindler Schiavo was starved and dehydrated to death in a medical facility in Florida –  discussing her case and how it was wrong to do this to a human being.  And, yes, I respect him for that and agree with him on this.

Now, let us consider another aspect of Michael Savage, conservative talk radio host, author, and public figure here in the US.  Unlike most other talk radio hosts, his monologues, and dialogues with callers, almost always come back to Savage the individual, his life, or his achievements.  So much refers back to Savage.  Some may call this arrogance or egomania, while others may say it is symptomatic of a sociopath.  Another well known conservative talk radio host and author, Mark Levin, does not give evidence of such egomania and is actually rather humble even though Mark is a very knowledgeable and scholarly person (on the US Constitution, on US history, philosophy, etc.).

Yesterday, 9 July 2014, Savage was stressing his angst and strong disagreement with the Catholic Church in the US over its stand (or position) on the illegal immigration into the US (that has now reached crisis proportions).  Savage in the recent past has stressed his very strong disagreement with Pope Francis’ call for a redistribution of wealth to help the world’s poor.  We also disagree with this call for such a redistribution of wealth as that is not how to alleviate poverty long-term and will only treat the symptoms for a very short time.  (We wrote on the Catholic Church’s approach to poverty and our recommendations for greatly reducing poverty over time in June, 2012).

One is free to publicly disagree with a church or a religious figure, but Savage will, from to time, go further than adamant or vehement disagreement.  Yesterday, Savage did what he has done at least once before to my knowledge (and I am only an ocassional listener to his radio show).  That is he flippantly mocked the Catholics’ Sacrament of Holy Communion.  In fairness, when Savage gets aroused or angry, he may not even know what he is saying or how he is saying it.  (His mouth is going and his mind has not caught up.)

Lack of respect – or active disrespect – for the religious faith of others does not strengthen his position (in this specific instance, his vehement disagreement with the Catholic Church on illegal immigration into the US).

Dr. Savage (he has a Ph.D.): you do not have to show such disrespect to the religious faith of others in an attempt to drive your points of disagreement home.  This actually makes you look bad, and incapable of rational, non-emotional, dispassionate discourse.  Such tactics are similar to ad hominem attacks on others, and should be rejected.

One final observation.  Michael Savage is the US born son of Jewish immigrants to the US from Russia.  Today, on his radio program, he asserted that he may have something of the ancient Hebrew (Old Testament) prophets in him, in his blood.  This is not true.  And, the Ashkenazi (eastern Jews of the Russian steppes and of eastern Europe) know they are not descendants of the ancient Hebrews.  See the book by Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe, and other writings (by various Jewish authors) that tell of the conversion of the Khazars, a people of the Russian steppes, to Talmudic Judaism in the eighth century of the Christian era.


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  1. It’s these Ashkenazi Jews like Michael Savage who are the primary ones destroying white Christian America. They confuse us by having his type on TV or talk radio, making us believe that “not all Jews are bad”. This just allows the REALLY bad ones to get away with unspeakable crimes (such as against the Palestinians in Gaza), because these “trusted” Jews will never talk about this. Or anything that the Jews are doing to Americans either.

    1. It is true that here in the US our news is filtered or we might even say censored as regards the treatment of the Palestinians (30 per cent of whom are Christians) by the Israelis. It is harsh treatment. There will not be peace in Palestine, sorry to say, as neither side is willing to make the sacrifices for peace that both sides would have to make for it.

      A caller to one radio show a few weeks back said something that I agree with. “If Israel feels threatened by Iran, then let Israel deal with Iran.” The US needs to get itself out of that hellish part of the world.

      But, Stephen, I know you are aware that the Jewish influence in the US is so strong because of the many millions of enablers that can be called either Zionist Christians or Judeo-Christians. I admit I am not much up on Scripture, but it is a bizarre misinterpretation of said Scripture to assert, as many Protestants in fact do, that we as Christians “have a Biblical mandate to defend Israel.” To this I say no, we do not have such a mandate to defend Zionist Israel. We have a mandate to defend the Christian Church. Christ’s new and everlasting covenant supercedes the old covenant. Christians, if they really knew and understood Christianity, would be out evangelizing the Jews and everyone else.

  2. Too ego centric for me….makes some good point but seem threatened by the other radio hosts and unnecessarily batters them when I never hear them batter him. Of course, I didn’t hear them come to his aid when, if it is true, he was banned from entering UK. Too much is going on right now to be selling self. Great points Larry and dare I say courageous.

    1. Thanks SwittersB for your comment. Yes, I have noticed the same things as you note. Savage’s approach could be improved if he were open to constructive criticism and then he would not put off many folks who agree with him on many issues.

  3. It is these Ashkenazi Jews like Michael Savage who are the primary ones destroying white Christian America. They get away with this because they put Jews like Michael Savage on TV or talk radio, to persuade people that “not all Jews are bad, in fact they think like I do”. So people ignore the monstrous crimes that REALLY bad Jews commit, such as against the Palestinians in Gaza. They ignore these crimes because “good Jews” like Michael Savage never tell them about these crimes in the first place. Nor will he tell them that Jews are the ones promoting open immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens, homosexuality and same-sex marriage, abortion, gun control, gambling, drug abuse (of LEGAL drugs), etc. Jews control it all, and yet hardly anybody knows this, because they also control all the information outlets.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. Yes, it is true that there are some bad Jews and it is fairly rare that one hears of Jews criticizing other Jews. However, such criticism does occur. Mark Levin, who is a religious Jew, does criticize Senator Schumer of New York who is a very radical liberal Jew. Levin goes after Schumer for his hard left positions in the US Senate. Similarly, Savage cannot stand liberal Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, both of California and both ethnic Jews.

      What I feel that I should say is that many of the radical Jews who are basically for social revolutionary change (and have been for decades in the US) are ethnic Jews and not particularly religious Jews. These non-religious Jews (many are atheists) who espouse radical agendas that are often immoral (as to abortion and homosexuality) are referred to as “non-Jewish Jews” by religious Jews. But, it is true that not much of this scrutiny and criticism of Jews by Jews is aired in public or known to the general public. And, yes, there is a very disproportionate Jewish control in both the news media in the US and in Hollywood (we noted this in our essay a few months back on the book “Primetime Propoganda”.) To cite these facts does not make one “anti-Semitic”. No group should be above valid, legitimate criticism.

      Yet, my essay above addressed Savage’s on air personality and some of his rather offensive traits, and was not intended as a critique of influential Jews in the US.

  4. Jews like to play the “good cop, bad cop” game also. They are very clever at it, and get away with fooling practically everyone, including myself on numerous occasions.

  5. I would not go so far as to assert that Jews worship Satan. Most of the people that do harm or evil deeds, whether they are Jewish or not Jewish, are doing so out of selfishness and not because they worship Satan. There are very few people, in terms of a percentage of the world’s population, who actually worship Satan.

  6. I love Michael Savage. My only real issue with him is how rude he can be to some of his callers. Now, I can understand why some radio talk show hosts may not be in chitchat mode, want their callers to get to the reason for their call. However, being asked how you are doing every now and then is nice.

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