the Japanese tea garden in pictures – part three – a series of zen moments

A zen moment might be defined as that (refreshing, liberating) instant when you completely lose or let go of that feeling of self-consciousness.  Then the dichotomy between subject and object breaks down or falls away.  The mind lets go . . . . and stops trying to interpret the experience.  The zen moment is direct, and immediate.  The person is no longer separate from the experience but is a part of the experience, part of the moment, part of the environment.  One might say the zen moment is the moment of no-mind, is ego-less.  That nagging, persistent internal dialogue of linear, rational thinking is temporarily suspended.  These are my words and these may be in error.  One either has the experience or does not, but attempts to define it or convey it in words are sure to fall short.  (The interested reader is referred to the writings on zen of d.t. suzuki, and alan watts.)

I do think that one can have a zen or zen like (or near zen) moment without experiencing full-blown satori.  The garden, pictured below, was a conducive environment for achieving a less agitated mind (like a ripple free pond of water).  Our minds can be our greatest allies or worst enemies.  We felt tranquil, peaceful, and very relaxed as we leisurely strolled the garden’s paths.  We were fully present in the present moment, and thus, in a sense, outside of time.  And, these were timeless moments.

We now get out of the way and let the pictures, the images, speak for themselves.


stones and water





stones and water 2




shady view




simple view




path in tea garden




raked rocks of zen






. . . . .  to be continued . . . . . 

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