random images from life – part two

We now present a totally random series of pics to clear out our back log of images to post. The power outages here in the far west (of the US) are also random as we are experiencing triple digit day time temps (on the Farenheit scale).

These images are of the every day simple things, but some of them are interesting.



lobster 2


Dragon dancers.


dragon dancers


We really have no idea what this next fruit is.  Note the droplets of water on the leaves.




As so-called smart meters are installed throughout the US, local utilities are doing much work in residential areas.


smart meter


A plant growing in a city.




Avocados!  A great super food that is good for both men’s and women’s health.  We love them.




A columbarium and mausoleum in Oakland, California.   A reminder to make the most of each day as we are all mortal.


chapel of the chimes


The annual county fair held in Pleasanton, CA in late June, 2013.


county fair




not china crab feed


Electric transmission lines.  Our economy is so dependent upon electric power.


transmission line






Dragon fruit.  Perhaps, these might be called demon’s or devil’s fruit.


dragon fruit


From a walk in the park.




Utility work in a residential area of San Francisco.




We think we may have posted this next image much earlier in an essay on food.  But, we include it here as it is nice.  An apple based dessert.


apple dessert


Now, we can get serious about continuing with the China picture series started more than a month ago and set aside for weeks.  It will be some effort to process all the images, but these are likely to be of interest to some readers/viewers.

copyright 2014 – larrysmusings.com

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