irony of ironies – US blacks begin to turn against Obama and his failed policies

Some US blacks (or, if you prefer, African-Americans) have had quite enough of President Obama and his failed policies.  The current crisis, of Obama’s own doing, at the US southern border, has been the catalyst to bring some black people to openly speak out against Obama.  The blacks in Chicago (and in other US cities) are speaking out now in condemnation of Obama’s call for billions to deal with the tide of illegal immigrants into the US.  (First, the figure was going to be 1.7 billion dollars, then 2 billion, then within 2 more days this figure grew to $3.7 billion.  This may be higher now – I have not heard the latest news.  Most of this money will be siphoned off to a slush fund for Obama’s political allies as has been done with many billions of dollars in previous spending bills Obama has approved.)  The black Americans are saying to the President that we cannot take in more poor who come to the US illegally when we cannot even provide for our own poor.  Blacks speak the truth here.  The fact is that black America is worse off economically today than when Barack Obama took office 5 and 1/2 years ago.

This past Independence Day holiday weekend, July 4 to July 6 2014, saw more carnage in our inner cities as violent drug gangs were on a rampage.  Chicago is a war zone.  (If you do not believe this, ask the people who live there.)  The casualties, both dead and wounded, from the holiday weekend made national radio news.  (I do not watch much television so I am not clear if these dreadful statistics made the TV news or not.)

We think that it is significant when the group that supported Obama by the highest percentages (95+ %) in both his presidential elections begins to speak out against him. Black Americans see the undeniable, harsh reality in their communities and neighborhoods. Black unemployment and underemployment is significantly worse now than when George W. Bush was president.  Hopelessness is gripping many black Americans.  Obama, being the Leftist he is, wants to destroy the middle class.  Well, he is succeeding.  Recently, we heard of statistics that tell of a smaller middle class than several years ago.  Sure, Obama inherited an economic mess from Bush and Greenspan (who ought to have been tried for their crimes and imprisoned in my opinion).  But, Obama took all the wrong steps and has prevented the economy from truly recovering.  (Was this simply ineptitude and incompetence, or was it intentional?)  Full time jobs are still being eliminated, and the part-time jobs being created by the US economy do not pay a livable wage.

What is the solution?!  What is the solution for all Americans?

It is not to be found with the 2 major parties – both of which are corrupt to the core!  If a majority of Americans of all racial and ethnic groups, both men and women, would join together to form a new party that would truly be for constitutional rights, for American economic prosperity, pro free markets, for smaller government and for securing our borders, then, and only then, could we take back our country.  Sure, the miserable hard-core Leftists would still garner about 30 per cent of the votes in a national election and some equally wretched phoney conservatives (also known as Republicans) would garner another 20 per cent or so of the votes.  But, the remaining plurality or perhaps even a majority of the votes would go to this new America first party and that would carry it to victory.  Then, let the banks, the megasized, transnational corporations, and the special interest groups, and the Left (control freaks that they are) whine and bitch and complain.

Will this happen?  Realistically, no.  But, that is not because it is an impossibility. The sad fact is that the people have been so divided against each other over the years by the Left, that they cannot come together for the greater good of all.  This is the national tragedy.

From my essay last year on race relations in the US let me quote:  “As citizens in a multi-racial society, we are stronger when we work together.  Let us resist the forces of division in our midst.”

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