a Yangtze River cruise – day one

It is not the Ganges.  It is not the Nile, nor the Amazon, nor the Mississippi.  But, the Yangtze is one of the world’s great rivers.  Like several other major Asian rivers, the Yangtze’s headwaters are in the Tibetan plateau.

After a hiatus of a month, we now return to the picture essays of the China assignment. There will be several of these and we will post a few unrelated thematic essays in between these picture essays.  As well, to reduce the number of essays, we will include many pics in some of the essays.

Here is another cruise ship passed on the river on the first night.


cruise ship passed at night


The river cruise started from Chongqing (Chungking) in southwest China.


Chongqing day one


On the way to the river docks, this image was captured through the glass of a bus.


Chongqing street


A mid to late afternoon boarding of the cruise ship.


cruise ship for river cruise


In a cruise ship passenger cabin.  Comfortable, if a little cramped.


inside the ship cabin


The next morning’s itinerary.  Note the temperature is in Celsius (centigrade).  This river cruise had some stops or excursions along the way.




A local temple is seen before crossing over to Shibaozhai.


temple neighborhood


The walking bridge (with tourists) over to the main attraction.


bridge to Shabaozhsi


Entering the grounds of the pagoda.


shibaozhai pagoda


The People’s Republic of China official plaque in 2 languages and with a semi-reflective surface.


shibaozhai pagoda plaque


It is not clear what is referred to here.  Perhaps, a hand rail?  Always a good idea to watch where you step.


danger sign


The pagoda.  The cultural past preserved for posterity.



red pavilion of nine floors


Carvings from the past in the pagoda area.




Mythical beings.


mythical beings


Mythical beings # 2.


mythical beings 2


Mythical beings # 3.


mythical beings 3


Mythical beings # 4.


mythical beings 4


Now, on the return to walk to the cruise ship, we see a recycle container.


recycle container


Back on board, with the ship still docked.


lucy on cruise ship 4


A wide, placid river.


lucy on cruise ship 3


A relaxing moment on deck for our photographer.


lucy on cruise ship 5


The captain’s welcome party late in the day after shore excursion to the pagoda.  Western tourists are in attendance.


captain's welcome party 2


Our last shot for this installment.


lucy on cruise ship


Best wishes from the torrid, sun-baked, desiccated desert of the American West.

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