a Yangtze River cruise – day two – river scenes

In this installment of the river cruise picture essay, we present views along, and of, the river and mountains.

Has China been continuously inhabited by hominids since the time of Peking Man (Homo erectus pekinensis) 400,000 years ago?  In any event, it is an old country.

Here we see the bow of the river cruise ship.


bow of cruise ship


The day’s itinerary.  Excursion:  Shennv Stream, a tributary stream of Yangtze River – embark smaller boats to enjoy the beauty of Shennv stream and to continue to the Wu Gorges and Qutang Gorges.


itinerary Wushan day 2


A small, local river boat.


small local boat on river


We have tried to assemble these pictures in the proper chronological order during the day these were taken.  Much of the scenery looks similar in the various gorges and tributaries of the Yangtze.

In this next photo, a structure can be seen on the shore in the distance.


river scene day 2


Is this some kind of river fog or haze, or is this air blown pollution from distant industries?


river scene 3 day 2


Impressive mountains seen through the haze.


more scenery along river


Much green growth on the hillsides.  Did early Taoist sages wander through this area 23 or 24 centuries ago?


more scenery along river 2


Structures along the river.


uzi dwellings along river


A river shuttle launch for ferrying cruise passengers to shore for excursion.


river launch shuttle


There may have been the remains of a stone fortress somewhere here in these pictures.


uzi day 2


Looks like limestone formations along the shore of the river.


uzi 2 day 2


Does appear to be sedimentary rock in this closer view.


uzi 3 day 2


The hand of man, man’s handiwork is visible in this next image.


uzi 4 day 2


Local river people.


uzi 5 day 2


Scenic cruising through a river gorge.


uzi 6 day 2


Another view.


uzi 7 day 2


More nearby scenery.


uzi 8 day 2


Local river sightseeing boats?


uzi 9 day 2


These workers are constructing a barrier to prevent rock slides.


uzi 10 day 2


The mountains often rise very steeply from the banks of the river.


more scenery along river 3


The wide river flows on inexorably towards the sea.


more scenery along river 4


An enigmatic woman, a foreign traveler in interior China – our blog’s intrepid photographer.


lucy kinda mean


copyright 2014 – larrysmusings.com

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