a Yangtze River cruise – day four – the Jingzhou Museum

In this final part of the river cruise picture essay, we take a short excursion on shore to the Jingzhou Museum.

On the beautifully landscaped grounds of the museum complex.


museum outside


The itinerary for the day.


itinerary day 4


One building of the museum complex.  Such architecture reminds me of buildings on a university campus.




A flowering tree on the grounds.


blossoming tree in China


An information plaque.  Note the “no smoking” requirement at top.


museum 2


The sky may be hazy, but one can see a reflection in the water in this photo.  Was it Coleridge that gave us the poem, Xanadu?  This may be what he saw in his mind’s eye.


river side scene


Western tourists entering part of the museum complex on this late Spring day.


museum area


This next view appears to be adjacent to the previous one.



Chinese architecture


Inside one of the museum galleries.


gallery of artifacts


The Han Dynasty was contemporary with the ancient Roman Empire.  And, both were aware of the existence of the other through trade over the Silk Road.


cup with fish design


The artifacts.




Another ancient artifact.


ceramic urn


A beautiful object from the remote past.  Men’s bodies may crumble to dust, but some of their works endure.


ceramic urn 2


An intriguing object.




Subjective interpretation?  Nevertheless, an interesting work of art.


chimera 2


Our blog’s photographer who we thank for these images from far away China.


lucy on scene


A local person in daily life.


locals in street


This concludes the river cruise picture essay.  After some essays on other topics, we will return to southern China for more pictures taken at Kunming, Dali, and at Lijiang.

copyright 2014 – larrysmusings.com

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