Americans: just keep telling yourself “it cannot happen here”

Let’s begin this essay with our conclusions.  The majority of Americas do not want to be free as they are not willing to pay the price of freedom.  The price is eternal vigilance (and resistance) against the internal enemies of our freedoms and true rights.  As well, the price of freedom is taking personal responsibility for one’s life.  (This is anathema to many millions of Americans.)  We willingly vote to keep the 2 corrupt, craven parties in power that serve their banker and gangsta corporate masters.  We acquiesce while they take away our freedoms.  Thus, do we really even deserve to be free?  I am beginning to think that people, in large numbers, cannot really be free, are not up to taking responsibility for their lives.

Americans: just keep telling yourself “it cannot happen here”

Americans, as the brazenness and overreach of the government (at all levels) becomes more extreme over the next several years,  just keep telling yourself “it cannot happen here”.  Let that be your mantra and the rationalization for your state of denial.  Simply keep repeating to yourselves “this cannot happen here”.  Let that be the gag for your conscience and the justification for your apathy and inaction.

When you wake up one day to hear that a large portion of your financial assets have been seized, have been nationalized by the federal government, just tell yourself “this cannot happen here” as you drink your morning coffee.  Do you think what was done in Cyprus a while back was merely an anomaly?  And, it won’t matter if you are a good liberal or an enlightened “progressive” – your life savings will be seized at the whim of the government and there will be nothing you can do about it.

When the tax rates are dramatically raised on your salary, wages and your income from any real property (real estate assets) you may own, do not be upset or angry.  This is only being done for the greater collective good of society.

What do you think the militarization of your local police departments around the country has been about?  (This was started by George W. Bush shortly after 9/11/2001.)  Can you keep a secret?  It has not been about fighting terrorism or securing our borders.  Similarly, under Barack Obama, most federal government agencies are now arming themselves.  Do government officials and the lustfully power hungry bureaucrats that work in government fear civil and social unrest?  We had such unrest in the 1960s in the inner cities and on the college campuses.

How did we get to this point?

This unfolding scenario was a long time in coming.  One thing that cannot be ignored is the demoralization and dumbing down of our society over the past several decades.  Younger readers may not recognize this.  But. older readers can remember when the social fabric, albeit far from perfect, was not completely shredded.

When is it easier to manipulate and control people?  When they are distracted and demoralized.  (In July, 2012, we wrote of this.  See link at bottom.)  Thus, we currently see large segments of the US population that are living hedonistic lives and these people do not see – perhaps are incapable of seeing – the larger picture, the larger societal issues.  This is not helped at all when most American adults spend many hours each week sitting in front of their television sets and basically switching their minds off and zoning out.

It is no exaggeration to say that millions seem to be primarily concerned with: the next party they will attend where they can and will get drunk and/or “stoned” or “wasted”; and/or their next “hook-up” sexual encounter (one night stand) and who they will be having recreational sex with.  These people have no idea what true freedom is.  They do know what licentiousness is, but not true freedom.  A large segment of society is living an animalistic life as they eat, sleep, screw and “party”.  And, these folks rarely really think about any thing that does not immediately impact them and their “lifestyle”.

Can it be true that the greatest collective good for society will be achieved when the greatest number of individuals are living myopic, self-absorbed, hedonistic lives?

closing thoughts 

We Americans will be serfs in a new feudalism or serfdom or slavery.  We will all be economic slaves on the global plantation run by and for the bankers and the giant trans national corporations.  These banker gangstas and corporate executives do not really believe in free markets. They like to control, or at least manipulate the markets to add to their profits. and they insist that government aid them in this.  Thus, we have corporatism and not free market capitalism.

Oh, but you will have some “rights” under the new regimen.  Young, unmarried women, who are sexually active with multiple partners (this used to be called “promiscuous”), you will still have so-called abortion rights and the government health care system will pay for these.  Gays and lesbians will still be able to marry.  More recreational drugs will be legalized over time to keep you narcotized.  Sex, drugs, rock and roll will be available to all. You will not have to take personal responsibility for your lives.  The government will take on the responsibility for your life in return for your unquestioning obedience.  And, this “bargain”, this social compact, will not be negotiable nor revocable.  (The government will not be the servant of the people, but the master of the people.)

The American Dream of freedom and prosperity is in ruins.


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Here is the link to a related essay from our blog’s archives.

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