the old town of Lijiang

Before posting more thematic essays, here are the pictures taken in Lijiang’s old town on the assignment to southern China in late spring time.

A view across water with clouds in sky and reflections in the water.


China 219


One of the halls or palaces in the old town.  Impressive architecture.


China 211


Sign in 2 languages indicating directions.


China 220


A pony drawn cart.


China 206 Lijiang old town


Local small horses or ponies.


China 202


An area for windbell wishes.


China 204 windbell wishes


Another wishes area.


China 203 another wishes area


The local tour guide next to a bronze statue.  Interesting contrast with light and shadow.


China 205 local tour guide with statue


Signs are in 2 languages.


China 209


Is this a receptacle for trash, or for materials to be recycled.  It is not fully clear.


China 210


Some thing is on the shore of this water way.  A viewing area?  An area for small river boats to tie up?


China 208


A tranquil water scene.  See the reflections in the water.


China 215


Seriously, I remember the finger painting way back in kindergarten.  It was fun.  The painting here is no doubt much more refined in both technique and product.


China 212


A small embroidery factory or workshop.


China 218 embroidery factory


A local woman working in the embroidery factory.


China 217


Another worker or crafts person.


China 216


Making cotton candy.


China 213 making cotton candy


Another part of the old town.


China 201


A nice blue sky.  The tour guide may have given a short talk at this site.


China 221


Our photographer who thought this was a vacation or holiday, and not an assignment.


China 214 old town


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    1. Thanks for your comment. You caught me live as I am writing another essay now.

      It is at a high elevation. Another site in the general vicinity visited on that trip was Shangri-La which is at about 9 to 10 thousand feet elevation. The far western part of Yunnan province borders the eastern limits of the Tibetan plateau.

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