a visit to the Yunnan Nationalities Museum

This museum is in Kunming in Yunnan province, southern China.  There is an emphasis on early dress and costumes, early textiles of various local peoples that have lived in Yunnan province.

An interesting and artistic artifact.


China 32


A map of the various ethnic groups in Yunnan.


China 37


A directory of the sections of the museum.


China 40


Now we see the section on early dress and costumes.  The Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 A.D.), referred to in this wall sign, was the golden age of Chinese poetry.


China 39


Garments with a Tibetan motif.


China 33


Tigers decorate this robe.


China 34


Adult and children’s clothing.


China 35


The color red is often used in clothing in China.


China 36


Another example of local dress.


China 38


Possibly a model of a water wheel or a wheel turned by human efforts.


China 31


Chinese tea.


China tea


An old tea pot or kettle.


China tea 2


Another example.


China tea 3


Much more recent artifacts on display.  These may be field artillery shell casings.  We could be in error here.  Artillery shells (prior to firing) look like giant sized rifle bullets.




Nearby grounds with parked tour buses.


museum entrance


These remaining pictures are of another section of the museum.


China 24


A custom or tradition of throwing items to express feelings.  (Does anyone remember throwing rice as the bride and groom leave the church?)


China 29


This series of informational signs relates to the next image below (which shows examples of “message transmitting articles”).


China 27


Message transmitting articles of various peoples.


China 28


This sign tells that wood board painting was used in religious rites.


China 26


This ethnic group, the Dai people, used palm leaves for writing on.


China 25


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