some temples in Dali, Yunnan province

Now, we work down this backlog of photos from the China trip in late May and early June, 2014.  Dali is located in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province in southern China.

Picture taking inside the temples was either forbidden or discouraged.


China 65


An information sign for visitors in multiple languages.


China 71


Interesting architecture.


China 70


This appears to be the same temple (as above) now seen from a different angle.


China 69


Another building.


China 68


A closer view of one of the temples.


China 76


This next image appears to be of the Three Pagodas.


China 66


A closer view of one of these towers.


China 67a


Closest view.


China 67


“No climbing” – in 4 languages.


China 74


A view captured earlier in the day.


China 73


Western tourists in southern China with local tour guide.


China 77 Dali


Our photographer fondly recalls her early childhood in Kowloon, Hong Kong when she shouldered burdens in a similar manner as shown here.


China 75


A Tibetan woman in traditional dress.


Tibetan lady


A restaurant area.  Observe the reflections in the water.


China 78 Dali


Man made concrete water falls.


China 72


A painting of the Buddha.


Buddha picture


Dali silk factory.  It is not clear to me if this is a painting or a woven silk work of art.  It is a beautiful work of art.


Dali silk factory


Another interesting image.




A framed painting under glass.


painting 2


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