food pics from China and a wedding banquet in the US

The first 12 pictures below are from within China in the late spring this year.

These are fresh berries and these look a little like worms.


fresh berries looks like a worm


Fresh grapes and strawberries.


more fresh grapes






More grapes.




Deep fried potatoes and Chinese sausages.


deep fried potatoes and Chinese sausages


This blurry image is of Chinese tamales for celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival.


Chinese tamale celebrate Dragon Boat Festival


A food stall at one of the  many stops in southern China.


China 107 food stall




China 105 Longan


Mangosteen fruit.


China 106 Mangosteen fruit


Spinach and tomato.


tomatoes and spinach






Porridge with mushroom.


porridge with mushroom


Now, before presenting images from a wedding banquet in the US, we share a couple of pics that fell through the cracks and did not get included in an essay last week.





And, another image of plants.


more pink flowers


Now, to the various dishes at a recent stateside wedding banquet.

Mellon with dried scallop.


melon with dried scallop


Abalone and duck feet with mustard green vegetable.


abalone, duck feet with mustard green vegetable


Sea bass.


sea bass






Roast baby pig.


roast baby pig


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